To make parsing your build

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  • To make parsing your build

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    To make parsing your build

    To make parsing your build a little easier, I suggest downloading Path of Building. It’s an incredible utility that acts as a kind of talent calculator on steroids, with the ability to simulate your entire build offline POE currency trade . With it, you can tweak your skill gems, test new pieces of gear, and a million other things (without spending your precious currency to respec). Good league starter build guides will have a pastebin link where you can load the whole build into the program and use it as a roadmap.

    You’ll also want a loot filter. It doesn’t take long before the bajillions of items that drop in PoE become overwhelming, but a loot filter can help tremendously. By hiding most of the useless chaff, it can help you zero in on the useful stuff and save you a bunch of time. I recommend syncing your account with FilterBlade, which takes a lot of the busywork out of the equation.

    Finally, let’s talk a bit about microtransactions. Path of Exile is free to play, but if you want to spend any serious time in Oriath, you’ll want a few basic things from the online shop. At the very least you should get yourself a currency stash tab and a couple premium tabs. These will help you organize all the little bits and bobs you pick up along your journey and keep the dozens of different currency items you pick up from cluttering up your stash. Premium tabs can also be made public Path of exile currency ,’ which is required to list your items for sale, which will be important later on. As you get toward the endgame consider a map tab and a fragment tab, all of which can be purchased for about $30 (less if you take advantage of the sale they put on around each league start). These things aren’t technically required, but will make inventory management substantially less cumbersome.

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