Transfiguration-I am Yongzheng's wife

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  • Transfiguration-I am Yongzheng's wife

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    Transfiguration-I am Yongzheng's wife

    "Shall we sit down and talk slowly?" Ruolan saw that the atmosphere was somewhat rigid and was busy trying to smooth things over. One hand pulled me and the other hand pulled Qiao Jia to sit down on the chair in the hall. In this way, I also realized that now is not the time to lose my temper, and if it is deadlocked, it will be even more difficult to make up. Qiao Jia, I really have nothing to do with 14 elder brothers! I looked at her sincerely, hoping that she would listen to me patiently. "I know him, but it's not the kind of relationship you think.". Can't our long sisterhood convince you? "Sisterhood?" Somehow, when these four words came out of her mouth, they were full of suspicion, like self-mockery and sarcasm. I couldn't stand her cold and disdainful expression any longer, and the tone of my voice could not help rushing up. "I asked you here today, not because I felt guilty, but because I didn't want our friendship to be ruined.". I can only say that I didn't do anything wrong to you. If you really don't believe it, it's useless to say more! Now she simply regards me as a bad woman who deliberately plans to rob her lover and cheat her friendship! Since the mood has not yet calmed down, the words are not congenial, it is better not to say! Qiao Jia's expression was a little loose, but she still stubbornly refused to look at me and stared at the ground under her feet. I sighed in my heart and turned to Ruolan. "I'll leave first!" Without waiting for Ruolan to stop him, he ran out of the side hall. All the way straight out of the thirteen Ye Fu, do not want to take a sedan chair,Marble Projects, would rather run to relieve the heart of the depressed gas. I know that I am very impulsive and should not run away before I untie the knot. I also know that I am a failure and even a friendship can not be saved. I have heard so many stories about two good sisters who have a grudge against each other and break up their friendship because of a man, and I always feel funny. Why do women bother to go this far? But I never thought that I would encounter such a stereotyped plot, and just because of misunderstanding?! Funny, really funny! A lot of pedestrians on the road, see me so dodge in succession, I also do not care about the image, lift the skirt buried in the crazy run. Anyway,Marble Granite Price, I don't know anyone, and even if I'm talked about, it won't hurt me! "Bang!" My forehead hit a solid body, and I was bounced back a few steps because of the momentum and reaction. MD, another blind Walker! I'm in a bad mood today, so I'll operate on you! The process of thinking took only two seconds, and I fell to the ground and wailed, "Ouch ~ Ouch ~ ~" but peeked at the soap boots on the ground. He had taken two steps away, but he turned back when he heard me say "ouch." Girl, are you all right? He asked politely, lowering his hand in front of my eyes. Seeing that a group of spectators had gathered around me, I thought the time was ripe, so I pretended to be weak and put my hand on it and stood up, grey marble slab ,White Marble Mosaic, pretending to look pitifully at the guy who went out without his eyes. This look, can really startled me, instant petrified! Because this person is not someone else, but eight elder brother Yin Si. I didn't hear him speak a few times, and the voice recognition was not high, so I didn't recognize it just now. What a familiar scene! Last time I was hit by ten elder brothers, this time it's his turn! Should we say that we are destined, or should we say that our enemies have a narrow path? "It was Miss Lin." Seeing that it was me, he just froze for a moment, and then a warm smile floated on his usual gentle and elegant handsome face. It should have given people a very comfortable feeling, but when I think of what he has done, when I think of how much scheming is hidden under this harmless smile, I can't feel comfortable. It seems that you are all right. Probably because of my strange expression, eight elder brothers did not mean to stay more. Wait a minute ~ ~ "I reacted to come over, quickly and neatly grabbed his clothes," who said I was all right! You want to run without paying the medical bill? Now that I've lost face, I'm sorry if I don't cheat some money. He's the elder brother, and he should carry a large amount of Money with him! (Writer: Miser!) "What happened, Myna?" Behind him came the voice of ten elder brother Yin. I turned my head, only to find that besides the old nine and the old ten, Yin Zhen was also among them. Seeing him, I thought of Qiao Jia, and suddenly I lost the interest of teasing people, and pulled back the hand of Yin Si's clothes.

    As soon as Yin approached and saw that it was me, he gave a strange cry, "How could it be you?" I couldn't help staring at him. This girl is not a ghost! Do you need that damn look?! Could it be said that my heart was hurt by my rejection, and now it's a little abnormal? (Writer: Sweating wildly!) "Xiao Yue, why are you here?" Yin Zhen also saw me and asked with some surprise. Don't worry. I'll go first. I'm really not in the mood to mess with these people. When I was unlucky, I was hit by someone for nothing. But Yin Zhen took the first step in front of me and asked in puzzlement, "Why did you leave as soon as you saw me?" Do you still want me to give you a big hug happily and say, 'Hi, good morning!' Is it?! I walked around him and took some angry steps. Look at the innocent expression on his face, it is estimated that the matter of that day has been completely forgotten, I think it is really not worth Qiao Jia's sadness! "It seems that Miss Lin and the Fourteenth Brother are old acquaintances." Nine elder brother Yin and Yang strange tune slightly with some sarcasm said. TNND, if you don't speak, no one will think you are dumb! I hate men who are more seductive than women in my life. It's a pity not to be gay! Look at you so proud, is not the prince was deposed, and there is the possibility of ascension! But in the end is also an empty joy, in addition to me who will know before long, the prince will be restored again. I think of the bad heart: even if you are proud to go, there are times when you cry! Then look at Yin Zhen, I do not know is blocked by my words,Porcelain Marble Slabs, or because of nine elder brother's insinuation, his face is a little ugly. It seems that even if they are a group, they are not so United!.

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