Underground man by Ross MacDonald

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  • Underground man by Ross MacDonald

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    Underground man by Ross MacDonald

    I took the birds as if they were my own. There were about five or six of them, and they took turns dive-bombing on my window lattice, and then retreated to the magnolia tree next door. I went into the kitchen, opened a jar of peanuts and threw a handful out the window. The birds swooped down and landed in the courtyard of the apartment. I put on my clothes, took the jar of peanuts, and went to the steps outside the house. It was a bright September morning. There was a touch of yellow on the horizon, like cheap paper blackened in the sun. There is no wind now, but I can still smell the inland desert and feel its heat. I scattered another handful of peanuts to my flock of hard birds and watched them scatter across the grass. A little boy in a blue cotton suit opened the door of a downstairs room where a couple named Waller usually lived. The little boy looked no more than five or six years old, with close-cropped black hair and anxious blue eyes. Can I come out? He asked. I don't care. He came to me without closing the door, with almost exaggerated caution,aluminium laminated tube, as if he were afraid of scaring the birds. The birds were too busy feeding and shouting to scare the others away to notice him. What are you feeding them? Peanuts? "That's right.". Would you like some? Thank you, I don't want to eat. My father is taking me to see my grandmother. She gives me a lot of food every time. She also feeds the birds. He was silent for a moment, then he said, "I think I can feed the bird a little peanut." I handed him the open can. He took a handful and scattered it on the grass. The hard birds pounced, and two of them began to fight,plastic laminated tube, loudly and mercilessly. The boy turned pale. Do they kill each other? His voice was weak and tense. No, they're just fighting. "Will the hard bird kill the other birds?" "Sometimes." I tried to change the subject. What's your name "My name is Ronny Buhe.". What birds will they kill? "Young birds of other species." The boy raised his shoulders and clasped his crossed arms to his chest like a pair of wings that had not yet grown. Can they kill small children? "No, they're not that big." This sentence seemed to give him courage. I want to eat a peanut now, okay? "Yes!" He stood in front of me, his face lifted, the morning sun forcing his eyes to narrow. If you throw one, I'll catch it with my mouth. I threw a peanut and he caught it, pump tube ,custom cosmetic packaging, and then I threw several more, some of which he caught and some of which fell on the grass. The birds were all circling around him, like the broken sky surrounding him. A young man in a red and white striped sweatshirt walked from the road into the courtyard of the apartment. He looked like a grown-up Ronnie, and he left me with the same impression of spiritual anxiety. He puffed on a small brown cigar. A woman with black hair in a ponytail came out of the open door of Waller's house, as if she had been watching for the young man. She was so beautiful that I thought I should have shaved off her beard just now. The man pretended not to see her. He said solemnly to the little boy: "Good morning, Uni." The boy glanced at him, but did not turn around. The man and the woman approached him from different directions, and the little boy's face had lost its carefree happiness. His small body seem to have been made smaller by that pressure of their rendezvous. He answered the man in a soft voice: "Good morning." The man turned sharply at the woman. He's afraid of me. For heaven's sake, what did you say to him just now? "We didn't talk about you at all, Stan, for our own sake!" The man suddenly stretched his head forward, but did not move at his feet, looking deliberately provocative. "For our own sake"? What do you mean by that? Are you accusing me? "No, but if you want to hear it, I can think of a few reasons to scold you." "So can I." His eyes came to me. Who is he? Was it Ronnie's playmate? Or your playmate? He brandished a hot cigar butt menacingly.

    "I don't know the gentleman's name at all." What difference does it make? He didn't look at me. The woman's face lost its color, as if she had suddenly fallen ill. Stan, you're taking this too far. I don't want to argue with you. "If you don't want to argue with me, why did you leave me and move out?" "You know why." Her voice is very small. Is the girl still at home? "We don't talk about her." He turned sharply to the boy and said, "Ronnie, let's get out of here.". We have an appointment with Grandma Ellie to go to her house in Santa Teresa. The boy stood between them, his fists clenched, his eyes on his feet. I don't want to go to Santa Teresa. Do I have to go? "You must go." Said the woman. The boy's footsteps moved slowly towards me. But I want to stay here. I want to be with this man. He grabbed my belt and stood with his head down, and the adults next to him could not see his face. The boy's father walked up to him. Let go of your hand! "I don't want it." Is he your mother's boyfriend? He's your mother's boyfriend, isn't he? "No." "You little liar!" The man dropped the cigar and raised his hand back to hit the boy. I covered the baby with my arms, held him away, and held him in my arms all the time. He's shaking. The woman said: Stan,cosmetic tube packaging, would you please leave him alone? Look what you've done to him. It was you who made him like this. I came here to take him to have a good time, and my mother has been looking forward to it for a long time. Now it's all right. "His voice rose several degrees because of his complaint." Not only did I see a family farce with my own eyes, but Uni was completely enthralled by his surrogate father. 。 emptycosmetictubes.com

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