What Are The Characteristics Of The Yarn?

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  • What Are The Characteristics Of The Yarn?

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    What Are The Characteristics Of The Yarn?

        What Are The Characteristics Of The Yarn?

        In recent years, the Dope Dyed Yarn segment dyed in wool enterprises

    widely used. The equipment directly dyed pure plush line, pure nitrile wool, wool nitrile blended yarn,

    two tone yarn, etc., according to the length of the hatch yarn, change the

    length of the color segment and the distance from the design of a special style, colorful patchy pattern. Pure plush line

    segment dyeing is an indirect section of the dye, is to use anti-dyeing technology to do the paragraph dyed line.

        1. the greater the color of the segment color paste the greater the amount of color; the deeper the color, the greater

    the amount of dye, the dye is too wasteful;

        2. hank Dope Dyed PBT Yarn thickness can not be absolutely uniform, with the

    same pressure rolling roll, different thicknesses of the local color will be different; 3. with the dyed width increased, the

    positive and negative color differences also reduced the quality of the dye products. Anti-dyeing technology can solve these


        With the development of the textile industry, the continuous improvement of textile technology. Today, we will tell you

    about the coating PBT DTY yarn, the so-called Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn is a kind of raw materials weaving, weaving raw

    materials collectively referred to as functional yarn or silk,

    corresponding to cotton yarn, yarn, nylon yarn, Wool yarn, hemp yarn and so on.

        With the rapid modernization of modern equipment, in order to produce to meet the requirements of

    differentiated yarn, to take different processing procedures, the

    process also has varying degrees of adjustment, such as spinning pure cotton yarn and polyester-cotton blended yarn, Due to

    the different raw materials used, the various physical properties of the various raw materials themselves, and the quality

    requirements of the products to be produced are different. Different production processes are required at the time of

    processing. Equipment can be some of these processes together, making the actual observation of the less necessary work.

    Through the people in the textile technology innovation, the quality of the products produced by more and more reassuring.

        Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn in environmentally friendly yarns

    are capable of producing a variety of fabrics, not only that they also have a different feel and a silky appearance, light

    and breathable. Home decoration, clothing, industrial fabrics and automotive fabrics, are widely used in knitting a variety

    of simulated silk fabrics. Polyester BCF yarn, high strength, good

    shape of the wire, fineness, strength, elongation uneven rate, uniform dyeing and other benefits. Usually more suitable for

    high-speed warping machine and high-speed shuttleless loom needs, directly used in knitting and warp knitting. Widely used in

    the spring Yafang, fleece, single cashmere, gold velvet, mercerized cashmere, corduroy, flower cashmere, warp knitting plush,

    warp knitting short plush, warp knitting, warp knitting Mesh cloth, warp knitting silk, round cashmere, velveteen, five

    satin, polyester taffeta, mercerized silk, spray water light spinning, water eight satin, weft Oxford cloth, sets of Oxford

    cloth, jacquard hood, printing Window cloth and other fabrics.

        We use the composite yarn, we should pay attention to follow some of

    the principles:

        1. Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn with the characteristics of the fabric compatibility: the choice of polyester sewing thread

    should be the same or similar to the fabric of raw materials, so as to ensure its shrinkage, heat resistance, wear

    resistance, durability and other uniforms, to avoid the difference between lines, Causing the appearance of shrinkage. 2.

    consistent with the type of clothing: for special-purpose clothing, should consider the special function of the sewing

    thread, such as elastic clothing need to use elastic sewing thread, fire service need to use heat, fire and waterproof

    treatment of polyester sewing thread.

        3. Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn coordination with the stitch shape: different parts of the clothing used in different stitches,

    polyester sewing thread should also be changed with it, such as the need for bulging lines or deformation line, double line

    stitch should choose a large extension of the line, Crotch seam, shoulder suture should be fast, and buttonhole needs to


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