What are the types of rotary drilling bits? _ Bedrock

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  • What are the types of rotary drilling bits? _ Bedrock

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    What are the types of rotary drilling bits? _ Bedrock

    Original title: What are the types of rotary drilling bits? Introduction of rotary drill bit manufacturer on classification of rotary drill bits: Common rotary drill bits include auger bits, rotary buckets, barrel core bits, underreamer bits, percussive bits, percussive grab cone bits and hydraulic grab buckets 1. Auger bit (1) Conical: double head double screw,overburden drilling systems, suitable for hard bedrock. Double-headed single screw, suitable for weathered bedrock, pebbles,dth rock bit, frozen soil with ice, etc. The above drill bits are equipped with various picks, and many types of drill bits can be derived through the changes of tooth type, pitch and helix angle. (2) Straight screw bit: a. Bucket tooth straight screw: double-head double-screw, Tapered Rock Bit ,mining dth bit, suitable for sandy soil, small-diameter gravel layer with poor cementation; double-head single-screw ? Suitable for sandy soil and soil layer; single head and single screw ? Suitable for large diameter pebbles, cohesive soil and hard mastic with poor cementation. B. Pick straight screw: double screw, triple screw and quadruple screw, suitable for hard bedrock or gravel. The bucket is applicable to a wide range of strata. The single-layer bottom is only applicable to the soil layer with strong viscosity. The double-door drilling bucket is applicable to a wide range of strata. The single-door drilling bucket is only applicable to large-diameter pebbles and hard clay. II. Rotary drilling bucket can be divided into pick drilling bucket and bucket tooth drilling bucket according to the teeth installed; and can be divided into double-layer bottom bucket and single-layer bottom bucket according to the number of bottom plates. According to the number of doors, it can be divided into double door buckets and single door buckets. According to the taper of the barrel, it can be divided into conical barrel drilling bucket and straight barrel drilling bucket. According to the shape of the low plate, it can be divided into pot bottom drilling bucket and flat-bottomed drilling bucket. 。 The above structural forms are combined with each other, and with the change of whether to have a vent hole and a door opening mechanism, dozens of rotary drilling buckets can be combined. Generally speaking, double bottom drill III. Barrel type coring bit At present, there are two common ones: cutter barrel drill (suitable for medium hard bedrock and gravel) and roller barrel drill with high drilling efficiency. The difference of coring device mainly depends on the difficulty of coring. Because the roller core bit is mainly used for hard rock drilling, and the annular area of drilling is large, if conditions permit, reverse circulation drilling can be added to the bit part to lift (applicable to hard bedrock and large boulders). In the two types of drill bits of barrel coring drill, there are also coring devices and non-coring devices. IV. Reaming drill bit In order to improve the bearing capacity of single pile on the basis of no increase of pile diameter and pile depth, the design department often uses belled pile to realize the hard bedrock of rotary drilling rig. Because the rotary drilling is a non-circulation drilling,dth hammer bit, the slag can be removed with a slag removal bucket after the bottom expansion is completed. Bottom drill bit is enough. The commonly used reaming bit is mainly mechanical. This kind of bit is relatively simple to use and maintain. It has an upper opening type and a lower opening type. The opening mechanism is generally a four-link mechanism. It can be used for soil, strong wind, moderately weathered strata and even construction reaming without any change. You only need to select the reaming back to Sohu to see more. Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com

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