What is EPS Shape Moulding Machine and How does it work

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  • What is EPS Shape Moulding Machine and How does it work

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    What is EPS Shape Moulding Machine and How does it work

    What is EPS Shape Moulding Machine and How does it work

        EPS Machine system adopts multiple heating method, adopts solid and shifting balance valve system, control instrument and control valve parts to complete the cycle, thus making the machine more steam saving. The unstable factors of product quality caused by unstable steam source are solved and the quality is greatly improved. Steam and cooling water valves are imported components, safe operation, stable performance, foam molding machine can operate 2-3 machines.

            The working principle of foam molding machine is similar to the principle of syringe, it is by virtue of the thrust of screw, the plastic has been plasticized into the molten state of injection into the mold cavity, after curing and shaping the product process.Injection molding is a cyclic process, one cycle mainly includes: quantitative feeding – melt plasticizing – pressure injection – mold cooling – mold opening and taking. After the product is taken out, the mold is closed again for the next cycle.
            EPS Shape Molding Machine can change different Mould to produce different foam products, EPS Mould can be customized, the most common foam vegetable boxes, foam fish boxes, seedling trays, ICF Blocks and So on.
            We have recently begun to manufacture a series of machinery and equipment for EPS Mould facilities that require high multi-fold expansion capabilities.
            EPS Raw Material Project is the first pre-expanding machine to produce EPS beads with a density of 16-20g/l and a capacity of 1,500-2,000kg/h. The main purpose of this multi-expansion design is to have a secondary expansion capacity of 120/150m3/h.
            The heating coil type fluidized bed dryer is made of stainless steel. In addition, the steam surface of the all stainless steel steam container is a wedge-shaped line. The machine is fully automatic. PLC with touch screen and Mitsubishi trademark as an automatic control partner is optional. It is equipped with a vibration sensor and an automatic density control unit.

            We manufacture various types of block and shape forming EPS processing machinery and equipment, such as vertical block forming machines, automatic cutting lines, and forming machines.
            Expandable polystyrene (EPS) and other industrial Styrofoam are 98% air which makes them very bulky in comparison to their weight. Because of the high volume, products made with these materials fill dumpsters quickly, leading to much higher waste disposal costs.
            Foam Compactors reduce the volume of EPS, and in turn, fewer fees are incurred in the process. Also, a benefit, compacted foam products and industrial Styrofoam can be shipped economically to a recycling center. Compacting foam plastics can save thousands in unnecessary waste disposal costs!
            EPS Recycling Machine can benefit a wide variety of markets. Here are some examples of businesses that can benefit from it.
                    Furniture Stores
                    Appliance Stores
                    Food/Seafood Companies
                    Property Management Agencies
                    Schools/School Districts

                    Stadiums and Parks
                    Expandable Plastic Recycling Programs



            Waste reduction is a priority for many companies and communities as the impact of consumer waste has become much more evident. Recycling initiatives have been rolled out across many industries. Now, you can find recycling programs for paper, aluminum, plastic bottles, EPS and industrial Styrofoam waste.
            Companies value recycled materials because they can be used to make a wide range of products.  Recycled EPS  is used to make items like picture frames, plastic lumber and packaging. Companies are now paying substantial amounts of money for recycled polystyrene as it is valued more than some metals, glass, paper and other recyclables.

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