White Deer Plain by Chen Zhongshi

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  • White Deer Plain by Chen Zhongshi

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    White Deer Plain by Chen Zhongshi

    And a thorn in my side! Zongxiangyue, you know my temperament. I don't care about my heart. I usually eat four steamed buns and now I still eat two. Double. Tian Fuxian is more humane, he said: "After all, it is always your son!"! He's like a little Communist monkey. Let him write a letter of repentance and turning over a new leaf, and then I'll intercede with Secretary Yue. You know he's a senior. Criminals, not to mention me, Secretary Yue did not dare to punish without authorization, in the county only hit the body directly to the city. "Lu Zilin expressed his feelings about Zhaopeng's arrest and even his shackles, but when he came back, he hurriedly told Mr. Leng:" "Tian Zongxiang is about to come back." Mr. Leng immediately implemented the strategy of rescuing his son-in-law Zhaopeng. He told Lu Zilin to go home and hitch up the cart. Together with my husband, he carried ten sacks of Chinese herbal medicine onto the cart and declared that he would send the overstocked medicinal materials to the city. I went to sell it, and in the years of famine, people's lives were like paper and I didn't come to see a doctor to take medicine. He dismissed Liu Mouer and asked Lu Zilin to take charge of him personally. A whip car. He ordered Lu Zilin to make a detour past the gate of the White Deer Warehouse. "Zilin, go and call Tian Zongxiangyue. His woman is ill." I asked him to come with me and see his woman on the way. Tian Fuxian ran out of the barn door in a hurry and was convinced. He climbed up the cart and repeatedly asked him what the woman's illness was. "Get up early," said Mr. Leng succinctly as usual. One of your relatives came to call me. I couldn't get away. I asked about my illness and took two doses of medicine away. Don't take it. Don't ask if you're in a hurry. I can't say if you ask too many questions. Let's go and have a look on the way. I'll deliver the medicine to the city. Green mule pull The cart creaked on the official road between the villages and went westward until it finally stopped at a tall gatehouse. Mr. Leng yawned and got out of the car. Entering the courtyard of the Tian family's deep house,faux ficus tree, Tian Fuxian made the sleepy woman inexplicable, and he was also inexplicable. "My wife is not ill," he asked Mr. Leng! Didn't you ask anyone to invite a gentleman? Mr Leng says however: "I again." I was cheated. The man pretended to be a relative of Zongxiangyue and cheated me to take two pills. It's a small matter. Then he went to the door. Walking out, Lu Zilin came out from under the big wheel and said dejectedly, "Oh,outdoor ficus tree, no!"! The shaft is broken and we can't go! Yu It was ten tightly bound sacks that were unloaded from the cart and sent to the house. Tian Fuxian said briskly, "Let the carpenter drive tomorrow." Just change the outer shaft. All right, all right! It's rare for the three of us to get together for a drink. After three rounds of drinking, cold first. Sheng untied the sacks piled on the steps and held the lampstand to show Tian Fuxian his "precious medicine". Tian Fuxian looked at it. The sack stared, and Lu Zilin was so surprised that he almost cried out. The sack, which was disguised as a medicine bag, had a pile of hard foreign things wrapped in its heart. Each of the ten sacks is not empty. Tian Fuxian said, "What are you doing, sir?" He turned around and snapped at Lu Zilin. If you do this, you will be guilty of the same crime as Zhaopeng! Lu Zilin was so frightened that his face was like a yellow watch. "Brother Tian, I really don't know." Sir, fake ficus tree ,large palm trees for sale, what medicine is in the gourd. Mr. Leng said, "You can find a way to release him.". I saved Zhaopeng and only knew that he was my daughter. Son-in-law. My woman is from one to the end. This is the style of the family. If I can't do anything else, I'll force you to do something. Tian Fuxian is in a hurry Open both hands: "Good my gentleman elder brother!"! You're forcing your brother to jump into Huashan Mountain! Mr Leng says: "You think to do." Fa, you can think of a way. I know you have a plan. Tian Fuxian smiled bitterly: "I am a little general manager of White Deer Warehouse." Xiangyue, it's just a stink louse occupying a seam! What can I do? Mr. Leng said, "I really can't help it." Forget it! Throw the money at you, and we'll have to drink when we're free. Tian Fuxian insisted Do not allow: "You seal the sack to the car to pull back, I try to think of a way; you do not pull away I do not care!" " Leng Xianzhu said, "I have never done anything like this in my life." After getting back on the road and driving out of the village, Lu Zilin sighed loudly: "Ah, brother, you are really a cold first." Sheng! You should have shown me the truth beforehand! Scared me.. Sir, how many hard things are in the sack? Sitting in the carriage, Mr. Leng said lightly, "I didn't count.".

    I never count money. All the goods saved in the past few years are brought out. Here it comes. "Let Tian Zongxiang make an appointment to go slowly." Lu Zilin sighed, "I'm afraid your ten sacks of silver yuan won't ring." !” Mr. Leng said, "It doesn't matter whether it rings or not. Anyway, I don't care about it." Tian Fuxian emptied the silver dollar from his sack that night and buried it at the bottom of the thick Chinese toon tree at the foot of the west wall of the courtyard. Down. He did not count either, but poured the silver yuan into the pit under the Chinese toon tree with a bamboo basket like picking up stones and tiles. Here, there is not much meaning in counting. He then stayed in the house of Nishihara's former residence for three days, declining everything. An ingratiating new friend who came to greet Ann. He only said that he was too tired to do business outside and needed to rest at home. God. On the morning of the fourth day, he rode back to the White Deer Cang. Later in the day, he gathered together nine security units and some big villages. The joint meeting of the leading figures put forward a proposal: "Request the provincial government to escort the Communist bandit Lu Zhaopeng back to the White Deer Plain for execution." It received a unanimous response from the participants. Tian Fuxian rode into the provincial capital the next day, broke into this office and ran to that yamen with hard teeth. He resigned and expressed the legitimate and strong demands of tens of thousands of villagers in White Deer Plain, breeding on White Deer Plain and on White Deer Plains. The Communist bandit named Lu, who had caused trouble, was escorted back to the place where he was executed. Three days later, more than 30 villagers led by He Yaozu were executed. The group of petitioners fell on their knees in front of the provincial government gate, declaring that they would kneel down forever and never rise if their demands were not granted. Yue Wei-shan, secretary of the Zishui county party headquarters, was recalled to the city by the party headquarters; not only did he not persuade the villagers to retire, but he also persuaded the provincial party headquarters to accept him. Giving due consideration to the villagers' demands can not only achieve the effect of making an example of a hundred people, but also be seen by all sectors of society. See how unpopular the Communist bandits are. Lu Zhaopeng was escorted back to Bailuyuan. The killing site was chosen on the west side of the earthen wall of the junior primary school in Bailu Town of the county, with a row of seven dug five feet from the upper wall. In the pit,outdoor palm trees, seven people were tied up facing the wall, and the only one who stood out was Lu Zhaopeng, who was wearing a brown robe. hacartificialtree.com

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