Widows in the Song Dynasty are easy to marry

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  • Widows in the Song Dynasty are easy to marry

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    Widows in the Song Dynasty are easy to marry

    Xu Jinrong gently stroked her face and said, "This is how officialdom fights. If you make a careless move, you will lose the whole game.". I wouldn't have done this to him if he hadn't pushed you so hard. I didn't want you to know that, lest you think I'm used to being ruthless. Dan Mei was silent for a moment. She rubbed her face against his shoulder and said, "I know that when people are in their positions, they can't help themselves.." Xu Jinrong suddenly hugged her tightly again and said, "I thought you didn't know anything about me. When I really married that Yuyang, he hid from me for four years.". You know I've been looking for you, but you've been hiding from me for four years, and I've run into a wall everywhere. When I think of this, I want to beat you up so that I can wake you up.. Dan Mei opened her mouth and bit him on the shoulder. "I'm not on your side. If you don't accept it, you can play it, so that you won't go back and still hold a grudge." Xu Jinrong laughed in a low voice and reached out to twist her ear. "Look, I said you were annoyed again.". I just said something wrong, and I'm not willing to hit you. What I meant just now is that I hope you can be of the same mind with me. If the two of us are of the same mind, what else can we not overcome? Dan Mei gently kissed the place where he had been bitten by his joke just now. Then she gave a low hum and said, "I know what you mean.." That night, the two of them talked until more than four days later. They were so tired that they hugged each other and fell asleep. On the second day, Xu Jinrong woke up with his eyes open. After a brief blankness in his mind, he immediately remembered everything that had happened last night. Suddenly,stackable plastic pallets, he turned his head sideways and saw that the woman beside him was still sleeping on his side. She knew that it was not a dream, and then he breathed a sigh of relief. The red sun was already reflected in the room, and it should be three poles in the sun outside. Knowing that Xiao Bao next door must have been cleaned up by the festival, he did not want to get up, but just wanted to hold her and sleep for a while. As soon as her hand reached her waist, she saw her eyelashes trembling slightly and slowly opened her eyes. Two people looked at each other for a moment, Xu Jinrong hugged her and tenderly for a moment, suddenly heard outside downstairs seems to be faintly heard Xiao Bao's running and jumping laughter,mobile garbage bin, Danmei hurriedly pushed him, urged to get up. The author has something to say: I saw everyone's messages and made a lot of good suggestions. Thanks very much. As for the suggestion that the readers feel that the development of these two chapters is a little too fast, I have explained it in the topic building, and I will say it again here, because there may be other readers who feel the same way. In fact, I didn't want them to make up right away at the beginning. Novels are always full of twists and turns. I originally wanted Lord Xu to take Meimei back, but they also misunderstood the cold war for a period of time, and then there was a small setback, which made them realize the importance of each other in their hearts and bury the hatchet. Later, I wrote here. I think my ideal Lord Xu, because he is much older than Meimei, should be a man with a tolerant mind. He will take the initiative to show his kindness to Meimei. Meimei these years, originally just hesitated to wander in their own should and should not, cried a vent out, plastic pallet box ,heavy duty plastic pallet, plus her husband is so gentle and considerate, broad-minded to dote on her as a daughter, and then continue to struggle is not interesting, so it developed. That small twists and turns, I see the back need not, need to write down again, when the test, do not need, will not rush to the end of the article. Please rest assured. Thank you all for buying V all the way here. Chapter 84 After a pause, Xu Jinrong listened attentively for a moment as she pointed, and sure enough, he heard the faint laughter of the child mixed with a few loud songs of the goose. Last year, a flock of goslings were hatched from a goose in a village. Xiao Bao liked them when he saw them, so the villagers gave him one and raised it as a treasure. Yesterday, I knew that I would live with the new father in the future, and everything else was still there, but the big white goose was reluctant to give it away. Danmei had no choice, so she was brought out together. Xu Jinrong moved his hand away from her and laughed. "Then get up. It's getting late." Then he lifted the quilt and turned it over, and put on his clothes a few times.

    Danmei also sat up. With one hand, she grabbed the quilt to cover her chest and leaned out. With the other hand, she went to get a pile of clothes she had taken off last night. But he grabbed them quickly. She sat on the edge of the bed beside her and said, "I'll wait on you to wear them." Although they had been married for a year and a half before, they had only been separated by nearly four years. When they woke up and faced him naked, Danmei was still a little uncomfortable, not to mention letting him dress herself. She was about to shake her head when she saw that he had already unfolded one of her inner shirts and raised her arm to put it on. Then he bent over her back and tied the belt carefully, his sleeve gently brushed her face, and his back skin was clearly touched by his slightly rough but warm fingers. As soon as his heart warmed, he obediently let him toss about. Xu Jinrong put on her clothes, even the socks on her feet did not fall, and squatted down to put on her shoes, then looked up and smiled, holding her hand to let her stand up: "All right." The smile looked warm and contented in the morning light. Dan Mei was so moved that she couldn't help standing on tiptoe and hugging his neck and leaning on his shoulder in silence. Xu Jinrong was stunned, probably not expecting her to be like this. Soon he hugged her back, patted her on the back, and whispered, "If you like it, I'll dress you like this every day.." ^ Xiao Bao woke up early in the morning, got up, rubbed his eyes and called his mother a few times. On weekdays, my mother would come in when she heard it, but today she didn't come, and only came in to celebrate her aunt. Knowing that her mother was sleeping in the next room, she put on her clothes and was about to go next door to knock on the door, but she stopped her. I'll go and wake up my mother. Xiao Bao is a little puzzled. "Your father and mother are still sleeping," Xiqing whispered. Xiao Bao, don't bother them. "Dad came over and Niang slept with him instead of Xiao Bao?" Xiao Bao flattened his mouth. Although there was some worry in his heart,foldable bulk container, he was amused by his expression. He quickly coaxed and said, "Other people's father and mother sleep together.". Hasn't Xiaobao always wanted a father? If Mother sleeps with you as before, Dad will leave. 。 cnplasticpallet.com

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