Wolong Sheng Jian No Trace

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  • Wolong Sheng Jian No Trace

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    Wolong Sheng Jian No Trace

    Go ahead first. The matter has come to this point, Lei Wuying has been unable to refuse, had to go forward. "Changqing," said Huang Ling, "let's go up, too! The rest of you 。 Please back another thirty feet. He Hanyi and Wu Shuangnu had no choice but to retreat. At this time, Gao Youlan took the lead and reached the front of the building. Although Lei Wuying walked very slowly, he finally left. "Master Lei," said Gao Youlan, "how should we do it?" Lei Wuying reached out his hand and patted the door. He shook his head and said, "It's an iron gate. I'm afraid it's not easy to break it." Ye Changqing reached out his hand and hit the iron gate twice. "This iron gate is very strong," he said. "It's not easy to break through. I think it's better to try through the window." Suddenly he flew up, his arms shaking, and the man rose seven or eight feet high. With his left hand, he grabbed the iron bars on the window. The sword in his right hand was already unsheathed, protecting his face. But in the thick curtain, there was no reaction, no hidden weapon, and no weapon. Ye Changqing breathed a sigh of relief, the sword reached into the iron bars, stirred hard, and immediately smashed the window cloth inside the window. This is the second floor of the smoke lock building. The interior of the building is gorgeous, but it is divided into many rooms. What Ye Changqing could see was only a small hall. The open area was about ten feet square. But it was quiet and invisible. Huang Ling was very worried about Ye Changqing's safety, but he did not dare to call out,metal cosmetic tubes, for fear of dividing his mind and being plotted against by the enemy. Ye Changqing pulled the iron bar hard and found that the iron bar was unusually hard. This may be where they are reassured. Huang Ling suddenly jumped, grabbed the iron bars, and glanced into the window. Lisheng was alert and said, "Changqing, let go quickly." Just listen to a grim sneer, came over, said: "I'm afraid it's too late, this iron bar, coated with strange poison,custom cosmetic packing, as long as you touch the iron bar, the poison will invade the skin, although the poison attack is not too fast, but it is very tenacious, it is difficult to resist, in addition to my unique antidote, there is no medicine that can save." "That's not necessarily true," said Huang Ling with a faint smile. A door suddenly opened wide. Gao Tianjian walked out slowly and said, "Huang Ling, I didn't expect to catch your fish. After half an hour, the poison began to attack. First, the arm." Numbness, soon spread to the whole body, the son but noon, noon not see son, twelve hours, poison hair and death, eye cream packaging tube ,plastic laminated tube, six hours, poison can also be removed, you think about it! Huang Ling and Ye Changqing fell to the ground. Look closely at the left hand, only feel touch the place of the iron bar, a blue and purple. Ye Changqing suddenly waved his sword and cut his left arm. But Huang Ling stopped him and said, "Changqing, if Gao Tianjian is telling the truth, cutting off this left arm will not stop the poison from invading the body." "Lord," said Ye Changqing, "are we just going to accept our fate?" "We still have time," said Huang Ling. "Try to see if there is a way to detoxify." "I should have known," said Gao Youlan. By this time, Hua Miaozhen and Xuan Niang were already on foot: Looking at Huang Ling's left hand, Xuan Niang said slowly, "Poisoned?" Huang Ling smiled bitterly and nodded. "Let me see if I can untie it," said Hua Miaozhen. "Let's go back first," said Gao Youlan. In fact, the place where they stopped was downstairs in the smoke lock, and if the other side shot out a hidden weapon, it would be very difficult to resist. After carefully examining the injuries of the two men, Hua Miaozhen sighed and said, "I can't see what poison it is. I have an antidote on my body. Would you like to try it?" "You'd better not," said Gao Youlan. "Oh," said Xuan Niang. Gao Youlan said, "They won't take advantage of the opportunity to kill people and deal with Brother Ye. I think they must have intentions." "Yes," said Hua Miaozhen! I just can't figure out what their intentions are. 。” "I may be able to guess that," said Lei Wuying. "Go ahead, Brother Lei," said Huang Ling. Lei Wuying said, "Gao Tianjian never likes to go to the dead end. He is bound to talk about terms with Lord Huang Bao." "Yes," said Hua Miaozhen! Now he only has the capital of the smoke lock building left. 。” At this time.. The closed iron door suddenly opened, and a beautiful girl came out slowly. It was Lan Bai. Lan Bai glanced around and walked slowly forward.

    Ye Changqing jumped up and prepared to go forward, but was stopped by Huang Ling. "Does the castle Lord know her?" Asked Gao Youlan. Huang Ling nodded. Lan Bai walked to the place where several people stopped and said, "Someone upstairs is watching me. He can't hear me, but he can see my behavior." "Would you like to avoid them?" Asked Huang Ling. "No," said Lan Bai. "Under their surveillance, it will be unexpected." "The girl has been ordered to come here," said Huang Ling. "Yes," said Lan Bai! Which one of you has been poisoned? "Me!" Said Ye Changqing! And It's a drag on the Yellow Castle Lord. "Is it heavy?" Asked Lan Bai. "It's all the same," said Ye Changqing. "It won't last twelve hours." Lan Bai sighed and said, "I didn't expect you to be poisoned." "It's the same no matter who is poisoned," said Ye Changqing. "What did Gao Tianjian send you to do?" "I want to take the castle owner into the smoke lock building," said Lan Bai. "Good," said Huang Ling! Let's go 。” "I'll go too," said Ye Changqing. "He only let me take Lord Huang in.." said Lan Bai. Huang Ling smiled and said, "Changqing, this is not the time for a dispute. She can't decide." "Lan Bai," said Ye Changqing hurriedly, "go and tell Gao Tianjian that the two of us have been poisoned. Why is only one of us allowed to go?" "That's what he ordered," said Lan Bai. "If you must go, he must agree. There are a lot of hidden weapons ambushed at the window on the second floor. If he doesn't agree, you can't smoke at all. Lock the building. "Miss," said Gao Youlan, "tell Gao Tianjian that we have a way to get into the Smoke Lock Building." "Oh!" Said Lan Bai! What way ?” "Set fire to it,empty cosmetic tubes," said Gao Youlan. "He doesn't have to go down to the smoke-locked building, and we won't go in either. We all stay here. I don't know how much food is stored on the smoke-locked building, but I believe it will be finished one day." 。 emptycosmetictubes.com

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