Wolongsheng Golden Pen Dianlong Ji

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  • Wolongsheng Golden Pen Dianlong Ji

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    Wolongsheng Golden Pen Dianlong Ji

    "Your sword is like lightning. I admire you very much. Although we are in the first place, my subordinates are already dead and wounded. I don't want to deepen my hatred. Therefore, I want to learn some fists from you. What do you think?" Yu Xiufan slowly handed the sword to Xiang Wang and said with a smile, "Well, you can do it." Zhou Wu had been wandering in Jianghu for a long time and had a wide range of knowledge. He glanced at Yu Xiufan, hoping to see his posture and his family background. Seeing that Yu Xiufan could not see the meridian pile, he could not help frowning. He folded his fists and said, "Childe Shan Zang Hai Na, I think he refused to seize the opportunity. He just made a fool of himself." The left hand reaches out, claps to the chest, and the right hand follows the left palm. This move is "a tiger hidden in the deep mountains", with both hands linked together, which can be real or virtual, depending on the other side's moves to seal the frame, and then change. Knowing that Yu Xiufan did not pay any attention to the attack, he stood still. It turned out that what Yu Xiufan had practiced was a strange way of simplifying the complexity. He only paid attention to timing and discretion, and there was no complexity in the change of tactics. Zhou Wuzhang approached Yu Xiufan one foot in front of his chest. Still not seeing Yu Xiufan make a move, he gave a sneer in his heart and thought, "You are so big, that's self-suffering!"! The evil thought is born suddenly, the virtual move becomes real, the right hand speeds up, suddenly asks to surpass the left palm, the point to Yu Xiufan's chest "the God seals" the main point. Three inches close to the body, Yu Xiufan just slightly sideways, right hand back,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, just hold the pulse point of Zhou Wu's right wrist, slightly around, borrow force, force, Zhou Wu involuntarily hit a spin, for a moment the strength of the whole body disappeared, straight to the hall door. Finally, his martial arts were not weak. The moment Yu Xiufan loosened his wrist pulse, his strength recovered,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, but his head had hit the wooden door, and there was a light bang. Xiang Wang and Shang Wang were greatly worried. Seeing that Zhou Wu's palm was close to his body and his hand was already holding the hilt of the knife, Yu Xiufan was about to pull out the knife and kill Zhou Wu as long as he was slightly hurt. And see Yu Xiufan hand to take the acupoint of the wonderful, fast, all just right, and see two people surprised. The two men had been practicing martial arts for more than ten years, and had been instructed by Shuai Feng, but they could not control their opponents like Yu Xiufan. Zhou Wu pressed his left hand on his forehead and gazed at Yu Xiufan in a trance for a moment. "What a clever way to catch him, sir," he said. Yu Xiufan smiled faintly and said, "Are you not convinced?" "I'd like to ask for more advice," said Zhou Wu. "Well, try again," said Yu Xiufan. Zhou Wu closed his palms and suddenly punched his right hand. The punch was so powerful that it brought up the sound of a whistling wind. Yu Xiufan still did not move, waiting for the fist close to the body, the left hand suddenly slanted out. This is a moment of ingenious creation, Zhou Wu's right arm is about to reach in, Yu Xiuji's left hand five fingers, Urinal Manual Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, but from the oblique stroke to him. Quchi acupoint. If a person is not hit by the fist, the acupoint will be injured first, and anyone should try to send off the opponent's volley first. But it was too late to stop, so he had to sink his right arm and get out of the way of his opponent's palm and fingers. The sinking right arm just hit the edge of Yu Xiufan's palm, which was cut from bottom to top. One up and one down, the palm and fingers hit together. In the middle of the shock, Zhou Wu's right arm was broken first, and the acupoint was injured later. Yu Xiufan not only got the Shaolin monk Yi Jin Xi Sui, but also got the help of the miraculous doctor Hua Wuguo Ling Dan. His skill is not trivial, but he doesn't know it. In the screams, Zhou Wu held his right arm in his left hand and retreated five feet. The pain of the broken bone made his face sweat and roll down. Such skillful coordination of the art of joint attack, not only Zhou Wu injury is inexplicable, is Xiang Wang. Wang Shang also saw the mind shock, unexpectedly did not know how Yu Xiufan hurt the other side. It turned out that Yu Xiufan, out of attacking the enemy, was straightforward, during which there was neither a move nor a change. It was simple, without any trace, as if he were trying to get something out of the bag. As soon as he raised his wrist and waved his hand, what he saw again was the other side's scars and reactions. The peach blossom boy, who looked on coldly from one side, stood in the doorway with a surprised look on his face. Yu Xiufan reached for his sword and said, "Let's go." Striding towards the layman. Xiang Wang. Wang Shang followed Yu Xiufan to the layman. By this time, the eight big men with broken arms, all bandaged up their wounds, sat against the wall, looking at the three men with their eyes open, their faces full of fear. There were also two uninjured people in the courtyard. Their faces were pale. They were intact, but their inner fear seemed to be more than that of the injured people.

    Yu Xiufan looked at the two men, smiled and nodded, and the two men stood in a daze with a dull expression. The Peach Blossom Boy ran after the three of them and left the desolate house. After two quick steps, he caught up with Yu Xiufan and said with a smile, "Master Yu, you are so skillful in martial arts.". Xiao Ke is a wanderer in Jianghu. Although he is not very clever, he has seen many masters in Wulin, and he has also seen a few fierce fights. It's the first time I've seen a master like you. The Peach Blossom Boy coughed lightly and then said, "The Childe and General Manager Wang have already shown their skills. They are all amazing skills." Glancing at Gong Xiang, he said, "This one hasn't done anything yet, but I think he must be a master of swordsmanship.". The three of you are highly skilled in martial arts, and you can go all over the world. There is only one thing that is a pity for the three of you. Yu Xiufan gave a cry and said, "I respectfully listen to your advice." The Peach Blossom Boy said, 'That's because I lack a little experience in Jianghu. I think, with the martial arts of the three of you, if you can match my experience as a prodigal son, no matter where the storm is, we can go. Yu Xiufan smiled and said, "Not bad.". We don't know much about the people and affairs in Jianghu. If you can go with us, it will help us a lot. "At the same time," said the Peach Blossom Boy with a smile, "it will give you one more interesting fellow." Yu Xiufan nodded and said, All right! Let's make a deal. But what's your last name? We've been traveling together for years. We can't always call you Peach Blossom Boy! The Peach Blossom Boy suddenly looked gloomy and said, "Childe, whether you call me Xiao Tao or Xiao Tong. To tell you the truth, I don't know my own life experience. I've been a wild child since I can remember." Yu Xiufan smiled and said, "We'll call you Little Peach Boy." "Anything will do," said the Peach Blossom Boy. "Anyway,Flush valve price, I'm a wild child who was born but no one raised." Wang Shang suddenly answered, "Where do you think we should go now, little peach boy?" 。 cnkexin.com

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