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The confirmation comes from an engineer from EA's LinkedIn profile FC 24 Coins, which said that the soccer game was being designed for the PSP2 and other platforms. EA was not listed in the list of official NGP developers prior to when it was published, so if you were concerned that one of your most loved sports titles might be missing then you're in good company.

The profile suggests that at present there are only European as well as Asian SKUs that are available for EA Sports FC 24 are confirmed. Therefore, even though the possibility of a North American launch may seem probable, there's a small possibility that players located on the west side of the Atlantic could be waiting longer of them. In light of a massive sports game coming out on yet another console for sports it is a good time to think what this means in terms of cross-platform play?

Sony has demonstrated that they're not against the idea EA Sports FIFA Coins, if there's sufficient incentive to do so with Portal 2's steam connectivity, and the fact that the NGP has the potential to deliver breathtaking images. With the capability of playing the exact game on two different Sony devices, it makes sense for the company to get the most of their potential. The ability to play through a whole year of soccer in Madden 11 is one thing however, playing an all-season 82-game campaign with NHL 11. and the enormous 15-season Career Mode available in EA Sports FC 24 is a major option.The ability to take your game experience on the go on your own - regardless of whether it means a few less game features, would be appealing for a lot of serious gamers. If players are required to buy the game on each console, there's the chance that a lot of people would take advantage of the opportunity.

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