Zhu Men Ji Shi

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  • Zhu Men Ji Shi

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    Zhu Men Ji Shi

    "He Shi's cruel heart reminded me that all the women in the inner courtyard had a ferocious side. Think about Aunt Qin before, she had been so obsessed. Although it was only a short time, she made a big mistake.". As a woman, I know how crazy and excited a woman will be once she falls into the angry sea of vinegar waves, and she will only think about revenge, revenge, and revenge.. Zhu Jintang's eyes were slightly heavy, and it turned out that she was worried about these, about the moss hidden in the dark corners. You are the hostess, and you should be in charge of the affairs in the yard. If you think they're an eyesore, I can just ask them to leave. In ancient times, concubines had the least status. Their status was close to that of servants and masters. They were not serious masters, nor could they get rid of their humble status as slaves. To divorce a wife requires a letter of divorce, but to divorce a concubine requires nothing. There are many big families who will sell their unloved concubines, just like selling cheap goods, regardless of the lives of the parties. Others, at the beginning, because their families were short of money, were sold by their relatives to a big family as concubines and signed a contract of sale. If there is a time limit on the indenture, then when the time limit expires, they can collect their own money to redeem themselves, and then leave the house, marry someone else, and get rid of the tragic fate of being a concubine. Cao Shi, Liu Shi and Wang Shi were all sent to the Zhu family after signing the indenture of sale,Stainless steel foundry, but their indentures of sale were all death deeds, which could not be redeemed for a lifetime. But now, Shen Yuechen wants to make an issue of these deeds, turn the death deed into a living deed, and give them a chance to leave the Zhu family. However, this matter must first be nodded by Zhu Jintang, as long as he can agree, then the elders there, it will be easier to handle. Zhu Jintang thought for a moment and said,die casting parts, "What do you want to do?" Shen Yuechen said quietly, "Neither Liu nor Wang has given birth, so they can be released directly from the mansion.". However, Cao Shi is Zhu Ying's birth mother, if released, I am afraid it is not appropriate. Liu and Wang have not yet given birth, and there is no chance to give birth again, so it is cruel to leave them behind. The taste of being alone in an empty room is not good, not to mention that it is not a year or two, it is likely to be longer, longer time. Zhu Jintang hesitated for a moment and said, "You want to let them all out of the house, but they may not want to leave.". However, as long as you mean it, I am willing to agree. Like I said before, all I have to do is have you. Shen Yuechen had never asked him for anything, and this should be the first time. Chang Fang has three children to take care of and is expecting a fourth child. Zhu Ying and Ming Ge'er are just beginning to be sensible, Zhu Xiao is learning to walk, titanium machining parts ,metal stamping parts, and Xuan Ge'er is less than one year old, which is the weakest time. These children are all his children, and they are also the children of the long house. According to Shen Yuechen's personality, she would want to take good care of every child, especially her baby brother, who was born with half her life, and what she cared about most was him. It's a big problem for everyone to cope with the tedious housework and four children to raise and take care of. Shen Yuechen sighed, "It's not that I don't have room for people. It's just.." Zhu Jintang patted her on the back and said, "You don't have to explain anything. I understand." The matter of He Shi is not only a reminder to Shen Yuechen, but also a reminder to the Zhu family from top to bottom. Some things, some people, always have to guard against. Because of Zhu Jintang's understanding and arms, Shen Yuechen slept soundly this night. The next morning, Shen Yuechen took the excuse of paying his respects and sent the children to the old lady. When the old lady saw that the children were all here, she couldn't help smiling and said, "Oh, you're all here today." Shen Yuechen also smiled and said, "I come here every night. The children are sleepy and always like to sleep. I can't talk and laugh with you.". So I brought them all here early this morning. The old lady took up Brother Ming's little face and kissed him. Then she stroked Zhu Ying's braided hair. She said with satisfaction, "It's good. With them, we old couple don't have to feel sleepy as soon as we have a full meal.". Moon dust ah, you put the children, go back to hide lazy.

    ” Shen Yuechen answered with a smile, "Yes, Yuechen has this intention." In fact, she did not want to hide what lazy, but just want to send the children over, and then Cao Shi they find to talk. There are too many children, walking around, a lot of words are not convenient to say, a lot of things are not convenient to do. When the servant girl came to send a message, Cao Shi was sitting in front of the dressing mirror, staring at his empty jewelry box in a daze. It's only been a few months, and she's about to lose all the money she's saved over the years. The servant girl around her also advised her not to mix with those women, but she was always unable to control herself, always thinking that the next time she would be able to get back the money, so she only took out the white silver to lose, and only when she lost it did she regret it. The gambling table is not high or low, only winning or losing counts. Although Cao Shi is an aunt, but with those women together, the identity is there, but when losing money is not easy to repudiate. Those people's mouths are more and more fierce, just say her a few sarcastic words, already enough to make Cao Shi uncomfortable. So she would rather lose as much as she had than let them speak ill of her behind her back. Before, she carried Shen Yuechen to save the idea of oil and water, this will be almost lost, leaving only a few gold hairpins, still valuable. But this is one of the few pieces of jewelry she has. At this meeting, when he heard that his grandmother wanted to see him, Cao Shi was slightly stunned at first, and then began to feel a little nervous. Grandmother has not thought of her for a long time, even the usual greeting has been exempted, seems to be very busy. Why are you suddenly interested today? Did you know about her gambling? Chapter 350 wives and concubines (1). Cao was worried for a few seconds, then shook his head in his heart, feeling unlikely. Grandma suddenly saw her, it must be because of something,DIN screw plug, not just because of gambling. After all, the people in the yard often get together to gamble, which is nothing new. autoparts-dx.com

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