All the exclusive items, such as halos, pets and other colour-specific capes for skills

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  • All the exclusive items, such as halos, pets and other colour-specific capes for skills

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    All the exclusive items, such as halos, pets and other colour-specific capes for skills

    The benefit? All the exclusive items, such as halos, pets and other colour-specific capes for skills will be transferred over and you will be able to showcase or trade with your primary character with OSRS gold. Recently I had the opportunity to meet (virtually) to chat with Frances Keatley, Product Manager for RuneScape as well as Tim Fletcher, Lead Game Designer for RuneScape and talk about these brand new Fresh Start Worlds.

    Prior to giving me a tour through the brand new Fresh Start Worlds, one of the first questions Keatley and Fletcher asked me was "What are your experiences using RuneScape?" For my part, I began playing RuneScape in the year 2004 - three years after the game's launch however I didn't stay long enough to play for more than couple of months. I was unable to afford the cost of membership in the moment (I believed I was in the 8th grade) and, without access to many of the features I felt that I were missing out on a significant portion of the fun.

    I've picked it back up every now and then for instance the time RuneScape 3 launched in 2013 and then again this year, when RuneScape Mobile was launched. However, by the time I was feeling that RuneScape was out for too long that I was unable to keep up with the players. Fletcher claimed it was "the most likely player" for the new Fresh Start Worlds, which inspired me to consider whether there's still time to get started in the end?

    Keatley kept her message clear: "Be the character that you'd like," and play how you'd like to play. RuneScape is among the most flexible MMORPGs with 28 skills, more than 200 quests and PvP. There's no linear progression which means that players are free to explore every area of Gielinor this world in RuneScape and learn the skills they want to work on. It's now more accessible than prior to the launch of mobile versions in the year before, and you are able to play RuneScape for free on PC, Mac, and Linux by downloading a client, via Steam and on iOS through the App Store and on Android via using the Google Play Store.

    You already know everything about that an experienced player? You've played RuneScape previously; this is is a quick recap for you isn't it? "What's going on regarding Fresh Start Worlds? Fresh Start Worlds, already!?" I hear you screaming at your computer screen. So, let me in on the action. Tim Fletcher, aforementioned Lead Game Designer, to guide me through the game and tell me what I as a former player (if it is even named this) I can look towards.

    After completing the tutorial, should you choose to skip it, as me, you'll end up at the village located in Burthorpe which Fletcher states is the new beginning point, and also the central point for players. This provides a chance for beginners to feel like they're in a good place to start, rather than getting thrown in the midst of it. It's also the place to discover Gale Freshman, a new NPC who has accessibility to Fresh Start Worlds Rewards Shop. Fletcher displayed his dog Luma the Wolf as the first reward to be found in the shop - with a the appearance of a purple, spiked hairline and its sparkling body shimmered with a cosmic, spectral energy, as if it was created from the stars.

    Earn Progress Points according to your own progress track and meet certain milestones. Players will be rewarded by playing the way they prefer to play by participating in these Fresh Start Worlds. The actions such as the completion of Quests or advancing Skills as well as unlocking Achievements earn points. It was said to me: RuneScape is not exploration driven - it's a goal-oriented. Are you looking to fulfill your dreams of being an avid angler? It is possible. Concentrate on fighting? You can. Enjoy that Harvest Moon life style and concentrate on the farming skill? Yessiree.

    Fletcher guided me around the town and out to the south, towards the port to take the boat to Lumbridge. On the way Fletcher gave me some statistics on what it was that the Fresh Start Worlds were faring in the early days. The Fresh Start Worlds have already seen more than 33.000 users registered on Fresh Start HiScores, an amount that has increased to more than 40.000. As as of writing this article. Fletcher said was a great mixture of returning and new players to buy OSRS gold. Certain skills are already restricted to the maximum levels of 99.

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