Be trying to fix combat in a wrong way

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  • Be trying to fix combat in a wrong way

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    Be trying to fix combat in a wrong way

    Be trying to fix combat in a wrong way

    In short: let's add overpowered blocking and parrying so anyone who attacks first is almost guaranteed to lose.

    I do think that you are trying to fix combat in a wrong way.

    A better solution would be make every class have more HP, barb shouldn't have like 25% more HP basekit.

    Either give barbs accessibility to a high HP armors which can't be accessed by other classes or give them leveling to become a high HP target instead of being one right from the start.

    The simplicity of combat must stay, that's the reason why game hooked me in a first place. If I wanted chivalry/mordhau combat I would go and play chilalry/mordhau but I hate those games.

    For those of you who feel bored of the combat then this game is not for you I guess. I don't get bored for example. Tho I agree that barb in melee usually outperforms others classes and I provided a potential fix to this above.

    There where other bits and bobs in there to cancle a swing pre-emptively to bate out a early parry, or you colud try volleying strikes back and forth Thoubh i will agree with you somewhat that HP is pretty darn low but yeah attacking first might open you up to a parry.
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