Billions of gold run with the ball

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  • Billions of gold run with the ball

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    Billions of gold run with the ball

    "Wife, let me show you something." You Yi sneaked his head out of the door with his wife and saw a pair of men and women kissing not far away. Xu Kailin's eyesight was not very good at night. She only recognized that the woman's clothes were worn by You Xin today. She asked, "Xin Xin?"? Who is that man? "Chi Yi!" "Chi Yi?"? How do you know him? Xu Kailin thought Youyi had recovered his memory and was about to ask, "Are you.." Last time I took Lele to early education, I met a man with a super bamboo shoot plate. I went up and asked him for his contact information and introduced him to Xinxin. I didn't expect Xinxin to like it very much. She kissed someone after only two days. You Yi looks elated. Xu Kailin wanted to tell him that this was Youxin's ex-boyfriend and father of the child. According to the inertia of Youyi's favorite sister, would you still be so happy if you knew that this was the man who ran to the United States with a big sister's belly? A family of four You Xin said goodbye to Chi Yi and returned home to bathe the two children separately. After that, I calmed down and remembered Chi Yi's words before saying goodbye: "Xinxin, shall we try again?" You Xin did not give a clear answer at that time, only said to think about it. You Mu and You Ni were playing in the toy area, and they messed up the place where Chi Yi had tidied up. You Xin saw this scene, can not help laughing, after living with Chi Mu, these two little guys absolutely drive him crazy obsessive-compulsive disorder. Eh? How did she think of living with Chi Mu in the future? In fact, subconsciously, you still want to be with him, right? You Xin went on blind dates several times, and those men were carefully selected by You Yi, unlike what is said on the Internet, who went on blind dates and met all kinds of exotic flowers. Tall,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, rich and handsome men are the basic standard. They are all men with high education and high EQ. You Xin is not interested, and there is no impulse to let her want to fall in love. You Xin also do not know whether they still like you Yi, after all, separated for so many years, before his concern was distracted by daily things, the first love palpitations have long been gone. However, Chi Yi kissed her,smart board for conference room, she did not have a strong resistance in her heart, or even accepted. Actually, do you still like him? Her heart seemed to be pulled when she heard him say that she had been sent to the hospital after drinking too much. She did not expect to hurt Chi Yi so much, if she knew, she would not leave him. You Mu is taking toy gun to all round, oneself dub: "Chug Chug..." Remembering today in the children's park, Chi Yi took him to play and won some gifts. He felt that Chi Yi was very powerful and worshipped him. He said, "Mom, what's the name of that uncle today?" "Chi Yi, you can call him Uncle Chi." You Xin felt a little surprised, you Mu met strangers outside before, will not specifically ask what. You Mu asked, "Next time we go to play, interactive flat panel display ,interactive boards for classrooms, can we call Uncle Shangchi?"? He won a lot of dolls today! You Ni also said: "Uncle Chi is so handsome, and I also want to play with him." You Xin listens to do not know whether to laugh or cry, if Chi Yi knows the reason that children like him is so superficial, can you want to cry? You Xin has always been an aunt with the two children, until years ago to recognize them, said that their mother, they quickly accepted this matter. They also asked about his father, you Xin said he went far away to earn money to support the family, the two children did not mention. They seem to be used to having no father. If they know that Chi Yi is their father in the future, will they accept it? The next day, Youxin and Chi Yi made an appointment to go to the baking studio to make a cake together. They came to a "kiss baking studio", which teaches people how to make cakes by hand. In addition to some little girls who come to learn how to make cakes, some parents bring their children to experience it. You Xin knows how to bake and doesn't need the staff to guide how to do it. After the staff finished the kitchen instructions, You Xin began to guide the three fathers and sons how to start: "Today we are going to make strawberry cream cake. Let's divide the work first. Uncle Chi is responsible for making cream, and Mumu and Tiantian are responsible for it.." Chi Yi had a good time with the children and finished the strawberry cake together.

    After wrapping the cake in gift boxes, they left the baking room, found a restaurant for lunch, and ate the cake by the way. After dinner, Chi Yi also proposed to go to a large toy city in Lin'an, and the two children were particularly excited. You Xin took them there once. There were many fashionable toys. Her two children had poor self-control. When they saw the toys, they wanted them all and refused to leave. Although the family is very rich, they can buy a lot of toys and have them delivered to their doors. But you Zide and his wife are self-made, do not like extravagance and waste, you Xin afraid of being nagged by parents, dare not buy too much. You Xin said to you Yi, "You will regret if you take them there." Chi Yi just started to get along with two children, not familiar with their temperament, want to buy them a lot of gifts to make up for so many years he did not accompany them. You Ni and you Mu came to the toy city, like a stiff little wild horse, adults simply can not hold them. Mom, I want this! "Mom, I want this!" The whole shop was full of the cries of the two brothers and sisters. You Xin says: "Do not buy!" Chi Yi said, "Buy!" "Uncle, I love you," said the two Dodgers, each holding Chi Yiyi's thigh. "Uncle, I love you too!" To tell the truth, you Xin a little regret before let you Yi help take care of the children, from an early age to see the wind at the helm, who is good to them who fawn on. Chi Yi was very happy to be coaxed by them. He kept saying "buy, buy, buy." The shopping cart he was pushing was already full of toys,smartboard for business, but the two children kept choosing. You Xin took advantage of the child's inattention and pulled Chi Yi to laugh and speak: "Don't let them take it again. I brought so many toys home. My parents must say I spend money recklessly!" Chi Yi replied, "You said they were all sent by others. Isn't that all right?" You Xin murmured, "Who would send so many toys for no reason?" "The father will." You Xin was blocked by him and could not be refuted.

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