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    ChinaCNCManufacturs  Introduction聽
    This Cnc Precision Sheet Metal Parts are particularly suitable for the production of prototypes and prototypes of medium to large and less complex products. It provides effective cost savings compared to RP prototypes. The basic method is to obtain a prototype of a mold from CAD data using CNC technology. Second, because the number of molds is greatly reduced, complex molds are not required for machining parts with complex shapes. If you want to change the shape and size of the part, you only need to modify the part processing program, and you can develop and modify the new product. Finally, this product is stable in processing and has the feature of high precision.
    This Cnc Precision Sheet Metal Parts are simple and easy to use. For some workpieces with complicated shapes or thin thickness, it can be processed automatically. In addition, its lower investment cost can help companies improve their economic efficiency. The finished product quality is very good due to its good flatness and high stamping accuracy, which makes the products have good consistency.
    Precision Sheet Metal Steps
    聽The process of cnc Precision Sheet Metal parts is: sheet metal processing drawing planning and blanking -> laser processing or (NC stamping) -> bending -> welding forming -> surface treatment (electrostatic powder spraying or (liquid) paint)) -> spray treatment -> assembly experiment -> packing and shippingChinaCNCManufacturs

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