Draymond Green has been awarded Four NBA

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  • Draymond Green has been awarded Four NBA

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    Draymond Green has been awarded Four NBA

    Draymond Green has been awarded Four NBA Championships and was named as an official member of the All-NBA Defensive team on seven occasions. He also was awarded NBA Defensive Player of the Year . He was also the league's top scorer in steals in 2016-2017. The multi-time championwho has slowed down as he was compared to his best and astonished the world once again to Golden State as they won another championship due to his leadership and defensive skills.

    Green is an impressive defensive attributes with the Perimeter Defence of 86 as well as 83 defensive rebounding and 75 Block. He is an all-round good defender. With his great characteristics, he holds nine defence and Rebounding badges. They include the Gold Anchor, Gold Post Lockdown, in addition to Gold Work Horse the most important..

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