Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machines

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  • Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machines

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    Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machines

    Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
    A fiber laser cutting machine is a type of laser cutting equipment specifically designed for precision cutting of various materials.  It utilizes the power of a fiber laser to generate a concentrated and high-energy laser beam that can cut through different types of materials with high accuracy and speed.


    A typical fiber laser cutter comprises key components, such as a laser source, a cutting head, a numerical control system, a cutting bed, and a power supply. The laser source is essentially the heart of the machine. The cutting head has lenses that focus the laser beam onto the material for cutting. The cutting bed holds the material in place, and the numerical control system directs the laser source and cutting head based on the software's instructions.

    Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine
    You can choose different machines with different powers to fit materials with different thickness, you can also choose different machines with different size to fit materials with different size.  It is equipped with laser power from 1000 Watts to 15000 Watts to cut metal materials.  Fiber laser cutter is mainly divided into mini series, hobby series, small series, portable series, large format series according to sizes.  Fiber laser cutter is mainly divided into sheet metal laser cutter types, laser tube cutter types according to applications.

    There is no doubt that iGOLDEN CNC Machinery can provide you with both fiber laser and CO2 laser to cut or engrave metal materials. The fiber laser beam can cut most of the metals, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, copper, steel, titanium, zinc, alloys, etc. And the laser cutting thickness can reach 50mm. While the CO2 laser beam can only cut and engrave very limited thin metal sheets, such as 2mm stainless steel sheets and 1mm carbon steel panels.

    CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Tube and Plate
    Some customers need to cut both metal sheet and tube, dual-use laser cutting machine that integrates the two functions is an ideal choice. The sheet and tube integrated laser cutting machine is equipped with advanced optical fiber laser sheet cutting system and tube cutting system. Different applications of sheet and tube cutting can be switched at will and the operation is so convenient that it can easily realize one machine dual-use and create more value for customers.

    The dual function fiber laser cutting machine enables the cutting of metal sheets and tubes on the same machine.  Ultra-large format, capable of cutting sheet width not exceeding 2000mm×6000mm, cutting pipe length 6m, pipe diameter 20mm~300mm.

    New metal sheet and tuber laser cutting machine is an ideal entry-level laser cutting machine without any high purchase cost or training cost. It has easy operation and simple maintenance. One machine integrates two functions, reducing the floor space and improving efficiency.

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