I Love Luo Captured by Hokage Fellow

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  • I Love Luo Captured by Hokage Fellow

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    I Love Luo Captured by Hokage Fellow

    "They were hurt because they were too stupid, not because of you!" The voice was soft, but rather cold. With that, Xiao Ai continued to walk forward with me on her back, but said in another gentle voice: "I was just too worried!" Don't think about it! There was still a trace of panic in the voice. Slowly rising worry "I was just too worried!" Don't think about it! Xiao Ai answered gently, with a touch of nervousness in her voice. Well, I'll sleep a little longer! I promised indistinctly and narrowed my eyes again. Now that Xiao Ai has said so, it proves that there should be nothing. But even if there is something, it will wait until I wake up, after all, this body is so tired that even the strength to speak is almost gone. Little love.. Don't leave me! Before I fell asleep, I pulled Xiao Ai's clothes willfully and murmured. Even if my recent behavior seems to be very capricious, it seems that I have not considered your feelings, which makes you feel unhappy. However, there are too many uncertainties in this world, there are too many helpless, I have no way not to worry,ceramic bobbin heater core, there is no way not to do something within my power, although that kind of thing seems very incomprehensible. All just because I want to be with you, always together, so there are some things I can not open my mouth to tell you. If I don't say this, can you understand? "Well.." I won't leave! "Xiao Ai's voice was as soft as the rising sun in the morning, warm but not strong, which made my worried heart warm. Although I knew Xiao Ai must be puzzled,Alumina Ceramic C795, he would do what he promised.." So, I shouldn't have to worry that Xiao Ai will lose her temper and ignore me, right? As soon as the heart relaxes, the sleepiness that had been forced to endure sweeps in again. Just before I fell asleep, I vaguely remembered the shallow smile on the corners of Xiao Ai's mouth. I don't know when I got back to the accommodation, but when I woke up, I was lying on the bed with a thin blanket. And little love lay quietly beside me, facing me sideways, one hand gently stroked my hand stretching out from the blanket, slightly closed his eyes, as if he had fallen asleep, or as if he was just sleeping, Kamado bbq grill ,cordierite c520, as if a little sound would disturb his sleep and disturb his sweet sleeping face. I did not move, just through the dim moonlight looking at little love slightly tender lovely face, do not know when to start, this face has become my favorite face, this person has become the person I want to guard most, do not know when to start, my heart began to hope that I can accompany this person all my life, feel the warmth he gave me all my life. Warm him all his life. But will this kind of happiness become my extravagant hope again? Looking away from Xiao Ai's face, I gently glanced at the situation in the room. This is the room where I used to sleep. There are not many things, but it is clean and tidy. I just don't know what kind of baptism it has gone through. Now the room is a little messy. The washing utensils are thrown on the floor, but there are some food on the table at random. It smells like it has changed. The cabinet where I used to put clothes is now very open, and the clothes inside are turned upside down. Were you robbed? Otherwise, how did the house become like this? I murmured, the voice was not loud, but in such a quiet night it still seemed a little abrupt. But just a little bit of movement still called little love back from sleep. Are you awake? Thirsty? Do you want to eat? Xiao Ai touched my face bag gently and got up as if to get something. Not thirsty, not hungry. "I took Xiao Ai's arm and smiled at him a little shamelessly, not letting him go.". He stopped with some helplessness, then lay back on the bed, wrapped me up and down with a blanket, and then reached out and took me into his arms. Xiao Ai, why did you wrap me into rice dumplings again? I don't know when Xiao Ai always likes to wrap me up tightly when she sleeps, and then sleep with me like an alkane.

    Is it comfortable to hold like this? A strange hobby! For my question, Xiao Ai chose to smile but did not answer, but her hand still gently patted my back, like a mother coaxing a child to sleep, the expression on her face was so gentle that it made people feel unreal and beautiful that it was just a dream that was too beautiful. Are you really not hungry after sleeping for three days? When I stared at Xiao Ai's face and felt a little trance, Xiao Ai asked softly again. Uh I'm really not hungry! Hearing what Xiao Ai said, I felt a little strange myself. I reached out and touched my stomach. It was really a little deflated, but I really didn't feel any hunger. Although not eating for three days may indeed be suspected of being too hungry! "I feed you something every day, but not much." Afraid that you would wake up hungry, I bought a lot of food and put it on the table! When Xiao Ai mentioned these, there was a faint tension in her voice, and she was surrounded by a sweet thing. Would you like some? Xiao Ai then asked. Forget it! I don't feel hungry! I feel that the food on the table is still not eaten! I don't know how many days it's been. If you have anything to ask, just ask! I'll tell you everything I know The words are endless! My attitude of admitting mistakes is always very good. ! So Xiao Ai is not allowed to be angry! Silence for a while, really can not stand this seemingly calm but somewhat helpless atmosphere, I can only toughen my scalp, with an ingratiating smile on my face, secretly put my hand out from under the blanket to encircle Xiao Ai's waist, and my head is still rubbing against Xiao Ai's cheek.. So many things happened, but he did not ask anything,ceramic igniter electrodes, so quietly with gentle eyes to punish my heart because of concealment and guilt. I'm not angry.. I'm just afraid something will happen to you. I know you don't tell me, there must be your own reasons! I can understand! Just don't mess around anymore. Leave everything to me and I'll do it for you! Xiao Ai pulled the blanket flat with some helplessness, covered us and said with a sigh. global-ceramics.com

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