I raise a panda in a rich and powerful family.

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  • I raise a panda in a rich and powerful family.

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    I raise a panda in a rich and powerful family.

    "Just think about it and don't persuade her Don't tell her about my relationship with him yet" If there is an accident if he dies don't let Su Yunyun recognize Grandpa So that the child will not be sad again Bai Jinhao nodded and agreed For the rest of the day there's nothing for him Mr Mao picked up a piece of fish and Mr Xiong grabbed a steamed bread and ate it with bamboo shoots The two old men looked at each other and smiled chatting while eating looking very happy They even talked about some of the recent anecdotes of each household Bai Jinhao listened and found it very interesting He also grabbed a steamed bread and chewed it in his mouth only to feel that it was not as good as what his family had cooked perhaps because his taste was different from that of other panda orcs Since he was a child he mainly ate meat but he also ate bamboo shoots but the steamed bread did not arouse his interest in eating at all At this time the old man Xiong said something meaningful Jinhao you can sit at the opposite table It's more to your taste to eat there "This" Bai Jinhao made a slight sign but he did not move When Mr Mao heard this he was somewhat frightened At this time the old Office & School Supplies bear opened his mouth and said "This child has loved meat since he was a child and my bad old man's teeth have become worse and worse in the past two years" Thanks to Brother Mao I remember that I like to eat steamed bread In the future the children will not be able to eat the same pot with me It would be better to eat at Brother Mao's place Jin Hao don't be awkward any more Hurry over there His words had already hinted that even if the two children got married in the future he would not object to Bai Jinhao coming to live with the Mao family This old man Xiong is an enlightened and transparent old gentleman Originally the old man Mao had not yet recognized his granddaughter but he was about to marry her and he still felt unhappy But after listening to Mr Xiong's words all the negative emotions were gone He also hurriedly said "What's wrong with different tastes" Our two brothers often come out to have dinner and chat together In the future just set the table according to different tastes When the old bear heard this he couldn't help laughing On the surface what they said was just a matter of eating In fact they are talking about living after the two children get married in the future Really not the slightest carelessness Bear old man just wants to take this opportunity let Bai Jinhao express a determination or take the opportunity to win Mao old man's favor thoroughly He broke his heart for his grandson's marriage Unfortunately Bai Jinhao did not do as he wished Although he stood up and changed his seat he sat in the middle It happened to be at the junction of bamboo shoots and fish dishes and there was a plate of gold and silver steamed buns in front of him China Suppliers  Bai Jinhao picked up a golden steamed bun and ate it impolitely The bear looked at the grandson and couldn't help shaking his head I just don't think their children are very good at it When I get home I'm sure I'll have to teach him At the same time he felt that Bai Jinhao had really grown up and knew how to take care of his mood At this time I heard Bai Jinhao say "Yun Yun's steamed bread is also very delicious These days I have changed the recipe because of her" When you have a chance Grandpa can you also taste the steamed bread made by Yun Yun I'm sure you'll love the taste too When the old bear heard this he hurriedly lowered his eyes But the old man Mao also said Jin Hao is also right Everything my granddaughter cooks is delicious The old bear nodded his head Although he did not say a straightforward word Bai Jinhao clearly expressed his attitude In the future when he marries Yun Yun he will give the two old men a pension together Even after marriage he wanted to live with two old men In the process of getting along with each other before Mao was actually not very satisfied with Bai Jinhao I always feel that this smelly boy is not very stable and he always plays tricks on his little granddaughter It was not until today's meal that the old man slowly changed his mind about Bai Jinhao This child is at least not muddleheaded in important matters and it is also rare to be affectionate and righteous If Bai Jinhao rushed to sit beside him today he would not care about Mr Xiong Mao might even look down on him He really doesn't like a grandson-in-law who has no backbone In this way the two families of Xiong Mao had a good talk and Bai Jinhao made up his mind to ask Su Yunyun to come out and have a good talk
    After thinking about it it's better to stay in the mid-level Packaging & Printing villa at least no one will come to disturb them The place is also big and he can also plan a bigger proposal Bai Jinhao did not know how and remembered the scene of the mouse expressing his love to his girlfriend All of a sudden the heart is more angry simply let Xiong Junqing call Su Yunyun Sunday must come to the mid-level villa do a private kitchen Bai Jinhao just wanted to leave a shocking scene for his girlfriend Xiong Junqing also knows to say so with Su Yunyun that kind of character will certainly think more If this were the case before Xiong Junqing would certainly remind Bai Jinhao But these days Bai Jinhao has made him suffer a lot and his head is bald and he hasn't grown hair yet Xiong Junqing secretly thought that Su Yunyun punished Bai Jinhao to kneel on the washboard so naturally he didn't make it clear to Bai Jinhao Bai Jinhao the king of the mountain was very touching and now he is thinking all day long about how to confess to Su Yunyun and propose by the way so naturally he did not notice these small details In addition Xiong Junqing deliberately delayed the time On Sunday morning Su Yunyun dreamed that she had turned into a little fox cat and was playing under the tree with her panda dumpling boyfriend Suddenly a huge shadow fell from the sky Su Yunyun was directly frightened to wake up Probably there are thoughts and dreams every day Su Yunyun has to admit that she has been troubled by the ending of herself as a vicious female partner in the original work Especially since she knew that her boyfriend was also an orc the confusion was even worse Su Yun Yun also does not want to waste time cranky simply made a big table of sumptuous breakfast I'm going to share a delicious breakfast with grandpa At this time I received a phone call from Xiong Junqing trade-global.com

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