I will agree with you on this point DaD

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  • I will agree with you on this point DaD

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    I will agree with you on this point DaD

    You've highlighted a few facts about wizard that is valid. However, I also can inform you that you're not super-experienced using the wizard. Chain lightning is viable. In a aoe perspective. The only thing it does is jump over X amount of enemies. They're closer to one another than you. This doesn't affect you. It's different based on the circumstances.

    I will agree with you on this point. In pvp, chain lightning is only available if you're running out of fireballs. Any spell can be used in pve in greater detail than those in pvp. This is part of the charm and skill curve of the wizard. Being aware of when and when to avoid using products. People like to corner hump in this game.

    Chain lightning can be shot on a ranger in the corner or throwing weapons. It bounces off people hiding in the corner. Moving is extremely fast with wizard. As far as fireballs. Knowing the range of splash dmg can be crucial. I use it in melee vs melee fights at all times. Don't be a body to the opponent. Utilize the splash damage to apply burn. It could be more effective. Here are a few examples of what it takes to become a proficient wizard. When it comes to the beginning team. It's not difficult to stock up on spell books when the Alc offers them. I manage spell book / Qstaff on my own.

    In the case of a rogue. The base dmg is low for a reason. The poison builds stack really quickly. You can punch in large groups as an poison build. If you're looking to perform an easy kill build it is a good idea to use rapier. Lock pick is definitely in need of a higher grace period. There are many areas to be improved in every class.
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