If you are inclined to make a complaint darker

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  • If you are inclined to make a complaint darker

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    If you are inclined to make a complaint darker

    Let's try again!

    If you are inclined to make a complaint about the game. You should first stop here and inquire if you're truly interested in playing DaD! If you're only planning to be a wretch and complain over the experience. It is fine to not speak a word. You are completely entitled to be removed from DaD without sharing your sour opinion. There are many players who are willing to offer advice and help you understand the game better. So please ask questions here! There are skilled players who will assist you in closing the gap! You're not the only one in the dark! Trolls are reported and disregarded.

    In the most recent hotfix, they did give Wizard an kicking in the shins, huh?

    I understand the reasons however, after playing one the other night, I am 100 100% certain that the class (and the casters generally) do not suit me.

    The majority of my time was on Ranger last night. I loved it for the majority of the part , but may stay with Fighter, especially after the Weapon Master modification is only a 10% loss in power, instead of 20 percent.

    My complaints, however, are limited...aside from what I'm guessing was a few hackers, or simply people sporting purple or more powerful weapons that shot me from near max health, with just only a single knife hit to the chest...one of them was one of them was a Wizard who was somehow.

    I'm trying to push my wizard today. It's just to test how bad modifications are. I'm of the opinion that the splash damage is a bit over tuned. The wizard actually doesn't feel like it's a problem. I think these changes are fair. They are not class-breaking. It's just a way to make you use your talents better. The light nerf can be a huge time LuL though. 8>6 yaokdude.
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