Love sword mountains and rivers

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  • Love sword mountains and rivers

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    Love sword mountains and rivers

    "At least I haven't lost yet. There are only two old Hanlin. We're afraid they won't be able to come up with money if they lose, so they can barely win a draw." Nangong Shaoqiu said, "I'm not as good as singing a song, because I can't sing at all. I'm interested in other projects." "The project is chosen by the guests, and we have no rules." "Well, then I'll ask for advice first on the board!" Xiao Hong moved the chessboard over and said, "Which one is it?" Murong Gang laughed and said, Of course it's him. My chess is so bad that he often kills me completely. Xiao Hong said with a smile, "So Master Nangong is a master. Master, are you holding a white or a black?" Nangong Shaoqiu said with a smile, "You are very modest. You usually hold a white piece with high chess strength. Do you think your chess strength is very high?" "That's not what I mean, because holding sunspots is to go first, and seven purposes should be deducted when settling accounts. I'm afraid you'll suffer too much if you lose!" She put on a big show that she was sure to eat. Nangong Shaoqiu said, "I hold sunspots, but I like to play Kuaiqi. I can't take a long test. Every time I drop a piece, I can't record more than a few dozen times. Uncle Murong, please time it. You can rest assured that he will be fair and will not favor anyone." "That's exactly what I meant," said Xiao Hong with a smile. "I was going to make this request, but I didn't expect you to make it first." Two people face each other, both sides fall like flying, without thinking, they began to fight. Nangong Shaoqiu found that Xiaohong's chess was very sharp, very fierce, and ruthless, leaving no room for people, every place forced him breathless,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, only calm to fight. After the middle plate, Nangong Shaoqiu obviously suffered a little loss in land occupation. Xiao Hong said with a smile, "You are very good at chess, but you are too conservative and lack of initiative. If you have time to take a long test, you will lose.". But playing Kuaiqi, Childe will suffer losses, this game of chess Childe lost less than four eyes on the board, but to deduct the first hand of seven eyes, this game is not good! Nangong Shaoqiu said with a smile, "Miss,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, can you calculate the result so quickly?"? The chess game is changeable and changeable, and it's all in the second half of the game. Then the two men made four or five more moves. Xiao Hong still could not see what was wrong with her, so she was relieved to kill her until she closed the pass and began to fight. Xiaohong at first or inadvertently, two people rob to rob, some vacancies are almost filled, Xiaohong found that this chess game is not good. Her robbery material is two less than the other side, to the end of the miserable, then must give up a large piece, this robbery is over as soon as it is lost! In the end, she had no choice but to throw in the towel and say, "I lost, but I want to ask, was this robbery left by the childe long ago?"? Or did it happen by accident? "In the girl's own opinion?" "I just don't know, because although my chess is fast, it's always cautious, and there won't be such a mistake, unless it's a trap deliberately set by the Childe." Nangong Shaoqiu said with a smile, "When you started counting your eyes, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, I lost this one. It seems a little too big, doesn't it?" "Yes, this son is really a little too greedy. It's not easy to meet him. Yes, it's the reason why he was robbed in the end!" "Yes, I have calculated that I can rob alive, and when I rob, I must be in the first place, because I am not far behind, and I can turn defeat into victory by winning a piece anywhere.". The only thing you can do is to hold tight and let me make up the work, so that you can get a tie. Because I hold the sunspot, I still lose according to the convention. But according to the girl's habit of playing chess, I won't have such a chance. You must press forward step by step, so I won! Hong was very upset tunnel: "So, I was too careless, if the next set, I will not lose!" " "Girl, it's no use, even if you play ten more games, you will lose ten games, because you are just killing chess, but others are killing people!"! You still know nothing about other people's chess path, but Nangong young master has already found out your sexual habits, casually set a trap, you unconsciously fall into it! The sound came from one side, and the three people in the room were startled, because everyone was very nervous and noticed the progress of the chess game. I don't know when someone came to the room again.

    That is a double ten beauty, bright eyes and white teeth, gorgeous! But her long eyebrows and long sideburns, her eyes were as bright as electricity, and she had a unique dignity in her beauty, which really made people feel that they dared not insult her lightly. She was Baguio, the first prostitute in the capital. "Cousin," said Xiao Hong hurriedly, "here you are. This is Master Nangong, and that is Master Murong, from Jinling." "I'm sorry," said Baguio Yifu. "I'm too presumptuous to come in." Nangong Shaoqiu laughed and said, "Where?"! Is this a girl's place, or are we being abrupt. Xiao Hong said with a smile, "Cousin, why are you free so soon?" Baguio said with a smile, "I heard the little girl say that Master Nangong is going to compete in the six arts, so I can't help but come and watch." Nangong Shaoqiu said, "I just want to attract the girl's attention and get to know the master as soon as possible. In fact, in the so-called six arts, I can play chess, and the rest are just general." "Don't listen to his nonsense, cousin," said Xiao Hong. "Just now he made a lot of comments on your sword. He's very clever." "I know I wouldn't have left the other guests behind and rushed to experience it if it hadn't been for that talk." Nangong Shaoqiu said with a smile, "Did you hear my previous fallacy?" Baguio said with a smile, "I was entertaining other guests at that time. How could I have time to listen to your teachings?"? But my two little girls here have a good memory, and when they relayed the childe's words, they didn't say anything wrong! "So that's it," said Nangong Shaoqiu. "It's a good thing I didn't criticize the girl behind her back. Otherwise, it would have reached her ears immediately." Baguio said with a smile, "My study doesn't easily entertain laymen. Sun Jiu is a very discerning person. He brought you two here. I believe his vision will not be bad.". But I also know that his problem is too greedy, sometimes under the heavy profit,304 Stainless Steel Bar, he will also treat Feng Jing as a cool horse, so I do not have a formal reception before, but also want to know whether it is worth seeing! 。

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