Princess Lovesickness

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  • Princess Lovesickness

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    Princess Lovesickness

    There was no time to smile, and his eyes were full of smiles. She quickly sailed the boat to the edge of the pool and ran to Szeto Xingyun. She bit her lip, blinked her eyes, and said softly, "I just didn't have time to thank you, so now I have no time to thank you for your handkerchief." Szeto Xingyun smiled. "It's just a trivial matter." Seeing Szeto Xingyun's smile, he had no time to feel the world spinning, and a burst of dizziness rumbled from his brain all over his body. He had no time to step back and lean against the red column. Szeto Xingyun hung his head and asked, "Are you all right, girl?" The sudden approach of Szeto Xingyun made her breathless, and a few smooth hairs stirred her white face. The second volume of life falls from the palace to the flower temple 5. At this time, there was no time to smell a faint plum blossom fragrance from Szeto Xingyun. No time to be stunned, suddenly feel very familiar. In a twinkling of an eye, I remembered that Qingyun's sister had used plum blossoms to make sachets, and the smell was like this. The first time she was so close to a strange man, and a man she liked, she had no time to feel her heart beating fast, as if the blood of her whole body was flowing backwards, and her face was almost bleeding. Bang, bang, bang! My heart is about to jump out! No time to take a deep breath,Ceramic Band Heater, hurriedly jumped away, with Szeto Xingyun pulled away from the distance, she gradually returned to normal. Suddenly, Wujiu remembered that Qingyun once said to her: "Wujiu, you are not in love with Wuheng. When you meet the person you really like, you will know what love is." No time to nibble your lower lip. Szeto Xingyun looked at her shy face and hesitated to speak, and naturally guessed what she was thinking. Besides, what kind of woman hasn't he seen? How can it be difficult for a little girl to get him? But there are enough women in his harem,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, and it's better not to have such a woman. Girl Just as Szeto Xingyun was about to leave, he suddenly asked aloud, "What's your name?" Szeto Xingyun smiled, "I don't leave my name outside. If the girl wants to know my name, she can call me Xingyun." She had no time to burst into a bright smile, and her eyes were full of smiles. "Master Xingyun," she cried sweetly. After a pause, she went on to say, "Now that Mr. Xingyun has signed up, I have no choice but to say my name." "Is the girl's name known to an outsider?" "The sons and daughters of Jianghu don't stick to their names. They are the sons of Xingyun. The little girl's surname is Yu, and her given name is Immaculate." Szeto Xingyun raised his eyebrows and looked at her carefully. There was a sharp ray of light in his eyes. He shook off the jade fan and said with a straight face, "It turns out that the jade from the palace is flawless. It's the most beautiful woman in Wulin. When I saw it today, it really lived up to its reputation." No time to chuckle. "It's no time to be honored to be appreciated by Mr. Xingyun." Suddenly, he pursed his lips, 10g Ozone Generator ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, hesitated, and said, "Look at the dress and conversation of Mr. Xingyun. He must have come from the capital." Szeto Xingyun smiled and did not admit or deny it. Biting his lower lip again, he had no time to clench his fists and asked nervously, "There must be a lot of beautiful families in your family, right?" Then Szeto Xingyun laughed out loud. He took out a piece of white jade from his lapel and handed it to Yu Wuxian. "If you don't have time," he said, "you can take this piece of white jade to the capital to find me later." Lowering his voice slightly, Szeto Xingyun raised a charming smile on his lips. No time to stare at the white jade in his hand. This piece of white jade is glittering and translucent, with excellent texture, and the lower right corner of it is engraved with the word "cloud" in regular script. She had no time to be happy and had already thrown the question she had just asked out of the sky. She smiled. "Good." Szeto Xingyun smiled and said, "Miss Wu, it's getting late.". I'm going back. Take your leave. No time for some reluctantly nodded, "cloud childe, goodbye." Not long after Szeto Xingyun left, he still leaned against the red column and looked at the direction in which Szeto Xingyun disappeared. There was a touch of red on his cheeks, and his eyes were so brilliant that even the stars in the sky had to be eclipsed. Immaculate, what are you looking at? Qing Yun walked with a light step to the immaculate and asked. Look Look at the flowers. No time hurriedly back to God, do not show traces to put away the piece of white jade.

    Inexplicably, she did not want to tell Qingyun sister about Xingyun Childe. Suddenly, she had no time to notice that Qingyun's fingers were red and swollen. "Sister, what's wrong with your fingers?" She asked in surprise. Qing Yun smiled shallowly, her eyes flashed slightly, and she hid her hand behind her back without showing any trace. "I just played the lute," she said. "I scraped it carelessly." No time to immediately step down a small face, "miserable!"! I will be hated to death by my traceless cousin! "It doesn't matter," said Qing Yun, dumbfounding. I have no trace over there, and I have no time to be safe. Only then did she feel relieved. She yawned and said, "Sister, I'm very tired today.". Shall we go back? Qing Yun nodded. All right, let's go back. In the sunshine, the quiet red corridor quietly precipitates a kind of deep red, which seems to be out of tune with the lively flowers. There was also an unusual atmosphere in the air. Qing Yun looked back and took a look at the quiet red corridor, raising a touch of radian on his lips. But in the blink of an eye, it was normal again, as if it had just been a flash in the pan. The second volume of life falls from the palace to make a good marriage. Since that day after coming back from the flower temple, Jun Wuheng found that Qingyun and Wuheng had become somewhat silent. Every day, apart from writing and teaching, Qingyun has no time to play the piano, but has been indulging in playing the piano. Immaculate, on the other hand, has been staring at the blue sky in a daze except when she finishes playing the piano every day. Wuheng was puzzled and asked them what had happened when they went to the Flower Temple. Qingyun and Wuheng answered coincidentally, "It's all right." As long as they are not stupid, they can naturally see what happened to the two of them that day! Besides, Ziyi and Qingyun had been together for many years, and it was impossible that they had not noticed her change. But she just watched secretly,ceramic welding tape, and occasionally there was some haze in her heart. The footsteps of spring are gradually leaving, and the hot summer is coming unconsciously. Time flies like an arrow, and Qingyun's life is as plain as clear water.

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