The Garrison is your personal fortress wow

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  • The Garrison is your personal fortress wow

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    The Garrison is your personal fortress wow

     What will I receive to meet the new level 100 cap?

    Blizzard declares "At every level from 91-100. characters will receive a substantial permanent boost to one of their essential powers and spells (e.g buy WoTLK Gold. a Fire Mage might earn a +50% damage boost for Pyroblast or +30% boost in Scorch). They also gain access to the new talent tier when they've achieved level 100. giving each class three new, powerful capabilities to select from.

    6) What's with the different look for the different characters?

    You can look over the modified gnome above, but Blizzard confirms that "We're still in the process of determining which races will be included when the expansion launches, however, our objective is to bring up-to-date all eight originally World of Warcraft playable races and Draenei and Blood Elves." Draenei as well as the Blood Elves during the time of the launch of the expansion and subsequent content updates."

    7) Is the Garrison? the Garrison?

    The Garrison is your personal fortress , where you are able to alter the layout, appearance, and gameplay effects. Same-faction friends in your party will be able to visit your base in order to see it in action and trade in resources. Moreover, the area isn't instanced and you'll be in a position observe it in the space as you fly through Draenor.

    The most significant addition to the Garrison is followers It's possible to gather followers "You can also use followers to work on tasks- things like crafting or gathering resources. This is something they'll complete whether you're online, or offline.
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