The health and armor of the player darker

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  • The health and armor of the player darker

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    The health and armor of the player darker

    In addition to cheaters/netcode/etc, which are fixed in release issues, Damage scaling has to be more inline to defense scale. In the moment, damage is exponential, quadratic, and inconsistent.

    The health and armor of the player do not rise to levels to justify the size of the damage can reach which gives massive gaps in basic classes.

    Rogues and wizards cannot take out mobs. Barbarians can hit real players. To large a gap.

    Some definitely good incite here

    There is some definitely good motivation here, my friend. However, there are numerous things you may have missed. It will take some time to break this down into sections and then debate important topics. We will focus on my thoughts as a whole that are based on wizard and rogue in which you're able to mainly talk about.

    You've pointed out some aspects of the wizard that are real. However, I also can tell you aren't super experienced with the wizard. Chain lightning is more then possible. In a aoe perspective. The only thing it does is jump over X amount of enemies. They are close to one another than you. It doesn't hit you. It is vary situational.

    I'm to you. Chain lightning in pvp is only used when you're out of fireballs. Any spell can be used for pve even more so than in pvp. This is part of the charm and skill curve for the magician. The ability to know when and when not to use items. People are fond of cornering to hump during this game.
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