The majority of other classes offer DaD

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  • The majority of other classes offer DaD

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    The majority of other classes offer DaD

    A rogue is the term "rogue. The base damage is not high due to a reason. The poison stacks really quickly. They can be used in a gang for a poison build. If you're looking to build fast kill builds, the rapier is the best choice. Lock pick certainly needs higher grace period. There is many things that must be adjusted in all classes.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that the game is flawless by any means. However, there are a lot of things that should be considered outside within the confines of the game. There are many hidden aspects that most people aren't aware or understand which are actually possible. I'm sorry I missed many of the points you've made. But I do want to play! If there is something you want me to touch with more detail. Let me know. out. It's all great debate subjects that will provide the Devs excellent feedback.

    Barb gets a flat +10 weapon damage

    What's everyone's view on the current numeric side of things arising from benefits or skills that are a part of the class?

    This is because I've realized that Barb is granted a flat increase of 10 weapon damage for axes as a perk which basically bumps the weapon damage up about 1-2 tiers in rarity. This puts their junk starter axe comparable to an Common one in this regard.

    I'm pointing this out as other increases from skills and perks don't offer near as much of an increase, usually being 5-10% at most (1 about 2 points per). The only other power boost of a perk or skill at that same amount is Rogue's Weakpoint Attack skill, which lowers the defense of the target by 50 percent as well.

    I understand that the percentage must be higher as daggers are weaker in department of base stats, but it's an instance where 50% of the lowest dagger power is about 7.5 points. At the moment you reach even common, the percentage increases to about 10.

    The majority of other classes offer much lesser or more situational advantages, Ranger being the next closest, based on what I get from stacking Headshots and Ranged Weapons expert.
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