The Soul of Jian Dan

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  • The Soul of Jian Dan

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    The Soul of Jian Dan

    Everyone was stunned, only to hear the sound of the waterfall like thunder, shaking in the empty mountains. Li Ying suddenly went down to the side of the cliff, bypassed the foot of the opposite cliff, and reached the shallow and very wide river. Li Qiong did not stop her. There was a sense of frustration in her heart for no reason, as if she had lost something. At this time, Shi Xueying regretted that he had just acted as ferociously as a man and sighed softly. Remembering one thing, he said in a loud voice, "Hey, Wang Kun was born in Shaolin. Could it be that he gave her the Alsophila spinulosa elixir that Ying Mei had not melted in her mouth?"? And Ying Mei has been rescued first at that time, we are here many times, only to see Wang Kun an outsider! Everyone listened to this, all stunned relative, Li Qiong hurried down the cliff, to find her sister. Zhao yuanqiu was so anxious that he gave a loud roar and said, "If he really saved Ying Mei's life in time, but we bite the hand that feeds us, are we still human beings.." The hearts of all regret, silence for a moment, Li Qiong carrying his sister's silver knife, has returned to the cliff, she said: "There is no trace of his body drifting on the river. Maybe he really passed through the waterfall." The words are still not finished, suddenly listen to the "immortal" "immortal" several sounds of the harp, rising from the thunderous waterfall! Li Qiong exclaimed again,Magnesium Oxide price, "There is a strong sound of killing in the sound of the harp. He probably went into the cave.." "We have to find a way to save him," said Shi Xueying in a shrill voice. Lu Yun of the Wudang Sect said in a deep voice, "How can we get there?" This question immediately baffled the young heroes. Tao Cheng gritted his teeth, quietly stretched out his hand, grabbed the silver knife from Li Qiong's hand, and then said: "Sister Joan, I'm sorry, I'm so rude.". Lend me this silver knife to use once. The voice is very firm. Li Qiong knew that he borrowed this knife to break through the waterfall at risk. Seeing that he spoke very firmly and knew that he could not stop him, he immediately felt a sense of admiration in his heart. He thought that Elder Martial Brother Tao was a knight-errant with strong strength of character. He did not care about life and death at all. "Elder Martial Brother Tao,caustic calcined magnesite," he said hurriedly, "I remember that there are five serial techniques in my swordsmanship, which are quite suitable for breaking through the falling force of ten thousand hooks. I hope Elder Martial Brother Tao will study them first." Tao Cheng sighed with a smile and said, "Sister Qiong didn't stop her. It serves to show her bosom friend's feelings.". Ask me about the five serial knife skills. Everyone did not dare to say anything else, Li Qiong immediately dictated the hand than, the five strokes of the secret knife to Tao Cheng. Tao Cheng experienced it with great concentration, and soon he learned it by himself. He practiced it several times, and he was very skillful. They hugged Tao Cheng, walked to the edge of the cliff, Tao Cheng saw that everyone showed a restless look, then looked up to the sky and laughed: Brothers and sisters, please wipe your eyes and watch me capture the long-haired blind monster alive! If Wang Kun can go in, I can go in too! The sound of long laughter did not stop, but he saw his arms shake, his body broke through the air, and fell lightly to the rock outside the cliff. As soon as he reached his toes, his body was firmly nailed, calcium ammonium nitrate price ,Magnesium Sulphate price, and the wind did not move. He took a breath of True Qi, absorbed his mind, and completely concentrated on the knife in his right hand, which turned into a silver rainbow and shot at the waterfall like an electric switch. Everyone was very nervous, and when he reached the edge of the vast white water curtain, the silver knife waved, and the dense brilliance surged up, and immediately broke through the waterfall. Li Qiong immediately ran down the cliff, leaving Shi Xueying, Lu Yun and Zhao yuanqiu staring at the vast white waterfall. Tao Cheng wielded the sword with his mind, and used the Li family's secret "Five Styles of Collapse of Heaven and Earth". The body and blade were combined into a silver rainbow, and the stars galloped into the water power of the waterfall. These five styles of swordsmanship were really magical, and the speed of castration was increasing. In the twinkling of an eye, he had already passed through four or five feet thick. When he opened his eyes, he saw that his body was still in the air, and in front of him was a wide one! A grand cave house. Less than ten feet away from the gate of the cave house, a blind old man with long hair and rags sat cross-legged, with a guqin on a white stone in front of him. Wang Kun, dripping wet, stood on the right side of the long-haired blind strange man, and was clasped by the strange man on his left hand. The strange man's fingernail was a foot long, and at this time it was only the tip of the long nail of the thumb of the index finger. Buckle it on Wang Kun's pulse.

    Tao Cheng was very surprised and thought to himself that people who played the piano could not keep their nails. It seemed that the strange man's nails were so long, how could he fondle and play? Just as he was thinking about it, he had fallen to the ground, less than ten feet away from the strange man with long hair and only five or six feet away from the waterfall behind him. Tao Cheng had just taken a breath and was thinking about how to save Gong Kun when he saw the strange man grinning grimly, and his long hair, which hung down to the ground, suddenly stood up like an umbrella. Tao Cheng was so fierce in the dark that he dared to feel that the Qigong of this strange man had reached its peak, and even the end of his hair could reach it. With this kind of shocking skill, even if I cut him in the past, I may not be able to cut him! Think of a person in horror. Mouth. Mouth The long-haired old man gave a strange laugh and said, "Get out of here!" With a wave of his left hand, a rush of potential hit him. Tao Cheng knew that the skill of others had been able to hurt people with his unique True Qi within ten feet. Therefore, not daring to neglect, the silver knife in his right hand made a move to "create the world" and slanted past. Left palm one action "the solitary wild goose flies south", sends out the whole body true strength, seals on the plate. Sure enough, the invisible potential of the strange man with long hair eyes only hit the upper plate, two touches, a sound of "Peng", Tao Cheng snorted, and his body flew straight to the back. This is not Tao Cheng family learning origin is not easy, well-informed words, first with the silver knife in hand to break the other side's potential sharp point, and then with the left palm seal, is bound to head and face are cracked, the corpse is lying on the spot. Even so, he still could not bear the tremendous potential, and his body flew backwards. Tao Cheng cried to himself, "My life is over!" There was an indescribable taste in my heart. It turned out that he was flying backwards at this time, and the momentum was so fierce that he must have rushed into the waterfall. It doesn't matter, the worst thing is that he has become a flat position in the air, because just now only the upper body was under pressure. If you rush into the waterfall in this posture, you will not be able to perform the Li family's secret knife skill of "collapsing the sky and sinking the earth to attack the chain of five styles",magnesium sulfate monohydrate, so can you still not die! Just at this critical moment, Wang Kun suddenly heard a loud shout of "hit", and a silver light shot to him.

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