There is some definitely good DAD

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  • There is some definitely good DAD

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    There is some definitely good DAD

    Wizards and Rogues cannot take out mobs. Barbarians can 1 tap real players. To large a gap.

    A very good source of information here.

    There is some definitely good incite here my friend. But there is also plenty of information that you did not know. It's not easy to break this down into pieces and debate particular topics. So I'll simply share my thoughts in general that are based on wizard and rogue, which you choose to mostly discuss.

    You've pointed out some aspects of the wizard that are real. However, I also can be sure that you're not all that familiar with the wizard. Chain lightning is viable. In a aoe perspective. It is only able to jump over X number of enemies. These enemies are closer each other than you. It doesn't hit you. It's a matter of situation.

    I will agree with you on this point. Chain lightning in pvp is only used if you're not able to use fireballs. Any spell can be used in pve more so then those in pvp. This is part of attraction and skill level for the magician. Understanding when to use things and when to not use things. People love to corner to hump during this game.

    Chain lightning can be casted on a ranger who is looking into a corner or melee throwing weapons. It can bounce off to those at the corner. Movement is massive with wizard. In terms of fireballs. Knowing the range of splash dmg's is important. I utilize it in melee-vs. combats in melee all the time. Don't be a body to the opponent. Make use of the splash damage to apply burn. It can be more then effective. These are just some examples of what is required to become a skilled wizard. In terms of the initial staff. It's not too difficult to get spell books when the Alc has them on sale. I manage spell book / Qstaff personally.
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