If you've not seen me on previous threads dark

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  • If you've not seen me on previous threads dark

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    If you've not seen me on previous threads dark

    If you've not seen me on previous threads, I completely hate BR games. I've been having kind of enjoyment in this song - circle and all. I believe it adds another layer of elements to make things more dangerous , and even though it creates a situation where you're screwed... it keeps you on the move even when that means engaging with that trio when you're in a solo. Make sure you are cautious. maybe you lose. maybe someone else joins up and you are the winner. or, perhaps you have an advantage and take home the prize. i've died plenty to trios or duos, and solos. I even laugh (though I don't know if it happens) press my talk button and tell them what i am wearing on my corpse, they're gonna take it in any case, but? man, you got me.

    I'm not sure about that, but I've somewhat of a passive way of surviving in the game. While i'm sure i'm trying to get out and i'll grunt or do something when I get caught unaware or by a better player (and there's plenty, since i'm an average player in the majority of games. XD) and then die in the process, and then i laugh at the end of the tunnel, then walk out to lobby, and go back to play.

    All-round view of Dark And Darker

    This is me saying it but its not fun, There are way numerous enemies with high damage thresholds that are not suitable for new players The battle royal ring isn't necessary The extracts are scattered and infrequent and that's why it ???? takes 10 minutes to open a door without locking. This game is definitely a possibility however at the moment I don't feel like playing it. 2-tenths for the game.

    I believe you're viewing the game in the wrong way, possibly.

    I'm having fun. I'm not looking forward to dying and I'm mostly expecting that to happen. And if I don't but I make it through? It's a huge relief. But I'm usually laughing when I die because of the circumstances - the one time I get mad is if I get stuck, however that's typically my responsibility.
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