Iron Angle Cutting Machine-Punch and shear machine

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  • Iron Angle Cutting Machine-Punch and shear machine

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    Iron Angle Cutting Machine-Punch and shear machine

    A metal punching and shearing machine is a mechanical device for processing metal materials. The equipment has various functions such as punching, cutting, bending, and so on. Moreover, the equipment is widely applicable to the processing of channel steel, round steel, angle steel, square steel, and other materials. Because the equipment has multiple functions in one, it is also called a multi-functional combined punching and shearing machine.

    The use of punching and shearing machine

    Punching and shearing machines are mainly used in the angle steel-angle iron processing industry. It can cut angle steel, round steel, square steel, and iron plate. It is mainly used for cutting angle steel, shearing angle butt welding, flange punching, flat steel shearing, etc. It has the characteristics of fast cutting and punching speed and smooth incision.

    Working principle of punching and shearing machine

    The punching and shearing machine mainly uses overlapping two-stage levers, sliders, and other devices to move the cutting blade up and down on the slide. The shearing and punching process is completed by using the fixed blade installed on the frame.

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    What are the advantages of the combined punching and shearing machine?

    1. The cutting knife in the shearing part is made of high-hardness material, which is suitable for processing various raw materials with different hardness.

    2. The punching part is made of high-hardness steel, which has good wear resistance after quenching. In addition, the punching mold can be customized into round-hole and long-hole abrasive tools according to the needs of customers.

    3. One machine with multiple functions, the machine integrates multiple functions such as cutting, shearing, punching, and so on. To meet the different needs of multiple customers, low price, diverse functions.

    4. The sliding parts of the combined punching and shearing machine are all made of wear-resistant copper alloy, which is durable.

    5. The machine has a simple structure, reasonable design, beautiful shape, low failure rate, and good punching and shearing effect.

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