The knight-errant record

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  • The knight-errant record

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    The knight-errant record

    "Twenty years ago, I came here alone. I found this place and bumped into it by mistake. At that time, I was very lonely. I intended to live here with this elder Chang for a long time. But later," he sighed slowly, "I couldn't stand this kind of life, so I escaped." Bai Fei nodded his head with understanding. Of course, I was also trying to get out of trouble for Elder Chang, but this soul-binding belt was penetrated into the underground by that elder strange man with incomparable magical power. These rock caves were also built by that elder strange man, which seemed to have infinite mysteries. I studied hard for 20 years, but the mystery was not seen through at all. Bai Fei listened attentively. Qiu walked alone and said, "And these rocks look ordinary, but in fact they are as strong as gold steel. Ordinary knives and axes can't cut them. I wanted to send a special person here to serve Elder Chang, but he refused. It seems that there is no other way to get him out of trouble except to find nine Wujinzha." Bai Fei frowned his eyebrows tightly together, but he heard Qiu Duxing say, "So all these years, I've been looking for the whereabouts of this nine Wujinzha all the time. Now I finally have a clue. Maybe I can borrow it, but I have to take out the beaver first." He turned to Chang Dongsheng and said, "But you don't trust me." Chang Dongsheng snorted coldly and asked Bai Fei, "Do you believe this man's words?" Bai Fei had no choice but to glance at Qiu alone. He really didn't know what to say. He hesitated for a long time and couldn't help asking, "What's the relationship between Jiu Zhuo Wu Jin Zha and this beaver?" "This fragrant beaver can not only give off a strange fragrance and attract all kinds of animals, but also his blood is the gift of all women in the world. As long as someone can get a drop,Magnesium Oxide powder, he can also give off a strange fragrance, which makes the man who approaches her tremble and unable to control himself." Bai Fei's heart moved and he thought, "If only Huimei could get a drop." "But after years of visits, it fell into the hands of Su Minjun, a demon who lived in seclusion on the top of Haixin Mountain in Qinghai Province. Su Minjun, a demon, was not only highly skilled in martial arts, but also proficient in flattery. I don't know how many Wulin high-rollers worshipped her under her pomegranate skirt." Then she added,potassium sulphate fertilizer, "I don't know where she learned the long-lost art of staying in the face in the martial arts world, so she lived in seclusion from then on." Bai Fei was greatly interested and asked, "What happened later?" Qiu Duxing breathed a sigh of relief and added, "Since she lived in seclusion in Haixin Mountain in Qinghai, her behavior has been even more mysterious. She also got the treasure of the martial arts world, Jiu Zha Wu Jin Zha. Although I am familiar with her, if I ask her to borrow this thing, she will certainly refuse. It's just that this person has something that can move her." "Beaver?" Asked Bai Fei. "Yes." Qiu Duxing said with a smile, "The celestial demon Su Minjun is conceited, and her beauty is unparalleled. After she has learned the art of keeping her beauty, she can keep her beauty forever. But she has one of the greatest regrets in her life. That is, this beauty as beautiful as a celestial being has a stench, and the stench is very severe. The celestial demon Su Minjun probably shed many tears for this. So if I exchange the beaver with her for Wujinzha, She must be eager for it. "When he finished speaking, Magnesium Oxide price ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, Bai Fei breathed a sigh of relief and thought to himself," Jianghu is so big that there are really a lot of strange people, but no one can see them. " Chang Dongsheng gave a snort and asked, "Can you conclude that Ujinza fell into the hands of that woman?" "Of course," said Qiu Duxing. "Are you really willing to go to Qinghai for my sake?" Asked Chang Dongsheng? I'm a little incredulous. Qiu Duxing smiled and said, "I'm looking for her. I have something else to do." Chang Dongsheng snorted again and said, "Are your words reliable?"? "If you take Xiang Nu, but don't bring back the nine Wujinzha, then my old man won't be fooled again." Bai Fei said hurriedly, "The younger generation will go with Master Qiu and vouch for him." "Why should I believe you?" Asked Chang Dongsheng. Bai Fei straightened his chest and said in a loud voice, "Although the younger generation is young, they have never said anything but do it.".

    "Chang Dongsheng stared at him for a long time. Then he lowered his head and thought. Suddenly he said," Xiang Nu has a very strong temper. Can you two bring it down? " Qiu Duxing smiled and said, "Over the years, I have learned a lot of kungfu from the Secret Book of the Snake." Chang Dongsheng hesitated for a long time and murmured: "Is it really possible?" For so long, he had lost confidence in waiting for the arrival of happiness, but now he could not help but be moved. Qiu Duxing added, "I can send someone to take care of your food and drink. You can rest assured." When Bai Fei crawled out of the cave, his heart was almost so happy that he left the cave. He and Qiu walked alone and crawled on the tunnel. They couldn't help asking, "How is Shi Hui?" "Very good." Qiu Duxing smiled and said, "Haven't you eaten anything this day?" At his mention, the hunger that Bai Fei had forgotten, stimulated by the exciting things just now, immediately returned to him, and he said yes with a wry smile. Qiu Duxing laughed and said, "I've been there, too." At this moment, Bai Fei felt that Qiu was far from being as gloomy as he had thought before, and even a little cute. As he came out of the cave, Bai Fei asked again, "Since Elder Chang promised to give you the beaver, why didn't you take it back?" Qiu Duxing said with a smile, "How can we take it like this? We have to spend two days in Qinghai. You don't know that Lingshe Fort is in a mess again." Bai Fei asked why, Qiu Duxing said out, the original in Qiu Duxing and Sima Zhi and others to visit the cover star, Qiu Duxing hard to build the snake fort, was almost destroyed in a moment. The two disciples of the Venerable Sky Red, who had escaped, densely lined up 329 thunder beads around the Snake Castle and shot them with sulfur rockets. The power of the 329 thunder beads exploding together was so small that when Qiu came back alone, the Snake Castle had turned into rubble. Qunhao, who had just recovered, was hurt more than last time. Even Yue Ruyun's thigh was injured by the explosion. www.xiaOShuOtxT.Com Chapter 6 Peak Loop (2) Small. Say 。 t! Xt-Heaven This kind of secret firearm, the power is incredible, Qiu Duxing angry, but also can not think, he angrily told the matter to Bai Fei, Bai Fei secretly said fortunately,calcium nitrate sol, as long as Shi Hui was not injured, other things, he felt that he did not care.

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