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    VacuumCleanersSuppliers  All in One auto emptying and charging station model 717
    Deal with dust and debris hands-free .
    Return the vac to the station to recharge, and let auto empty cleaning the dust bin .
    You will enjoy better suction next time you clean with an empty dust bin available .
    Vacuum cleaner: brushless motor 300W, lithium battery 21.6V,聽
    Battery capacity 2500mAH, charge time 4.5-5.5 H .
    Station: AC 220-240V ~ 1800w nom., 2000w max.聽
    AC 100-120V ~ 1000w nom., 1200w max.
    Dust capacity: 3L
    Power cord: 1.5MVacuumCleanersSuppliers

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