Volume 07 Kill Edge Music

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  • Volume 07 Kill Edge Music

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    Volume 07 Kill Edge Music

    "Yes, yes, yes. Thank you, Lord Yang, for your help. Wen is a rough man. He is used to being rude on the sea. He doesn't know the etiquette and rules. I hope you will take care of him in the future." After the meeting ceremony, Yang Ling read out the imperial edict on the spot, and let the snow cat change into a new three-grade military officer's robe on the spot. Then he walked with his arms and stepped into the city of Fuzhou. All the people in the city saw the imperial commissioner, Lord Yang, and the bandit Snow Cat, who had joined him in appeasement, entering the city hand in hand. They were treated with great courtesy. Later, Yang Ling took Snow Cat and his trusted generals to the most luxurious Shoushan Pavilion Restaurant in Fuzhou City, accompanied by civil and military officials and local gentry, and more than 300 people gathered together. Fish, crabs, shrimps, oysters and delicacies on the table are naturally the best dishes, and there are singers and actors singing and dancing entertainment, which is naturally a lively scene. The pirate leaders were all dressed in official clothes, as if they were also officials of the imperial court. They were flattered by one adult at a time. At first, they put on some adult airs. Later, when they were in high spirits, they could not help rolling up their arms and sleeves, stepping on stools and pounding the table. Just as everyone was drinking, Yang Ling saw Liu Zhifu coming in from the outside. He raised his glass and toasted around. He walked over to him. They stood under the pillars. Yang Ling whispered,stainless steel tile trim, "Have you arranged it?" Liu Zhifu nodded and said, "Yes, all of them are arranged on the riverside island. He Zongbing has sent eight thousand officers and soldiers to be stationed in the east of the river, and the bandits are stationed in the west of the river, facing each other by water." Yang Ling gave a hum and asked, "Do they have any doubts?" Prefect Liu smiled and said, "No, they have just defected. The court should send troops just in case. Besides, there are tens of thousands of them,aluminum tile trim, but only eight thousand of us. We are still separated by a river. The pirates are very relieved.". Xiaoguan has ordered people to send a hundred pigs, thirty sheep, and four carts of good wine, so that they can have a good time. "Well, they didn't do you any good," said Yang Ling with a half-smile. Liu Zhifu is stupefied, on the face a burst of red a burst of white, a long time just eats tunnel: "XiaGuan is guilty, they..." They did send Xiaoguan a box of gold and silver jewelry, and. And two Japanese girls of thirteen. As if nothing had happened, Yang Ling raised his glass to the two thieves who were drinking heavily at the next table. Then he whispered to Liu Zhifu, "Just take it away. The war is in chaos tonight. If you stay there, you may lose your life.". This officer also knows the truth that if the water is too clear, there will be no fish. I just remind you not to go too far. Wang Feiling is a warning from the past. At the beginning, he did not necessarily have the courage to support the enemy and kill officials. He was just lured by profit. He fell deeper and deeper, and finally could not extricate himself. Prefect Liu pulled up his skirt and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. His lips were still a little white. "Yes, yes, yes, tile profile factory ,china tile trim," he said. "Xiaoguan knows how to control himself. He knows what he can get and what he can't get. He will never dare to corrupt and pervert the law and harm the people. Today's purchase of those pigs and sheep wine, XiaGuan pay according to the price, dare not default on the people a penny. Yang Ling laughed and said, "Well, after a busy day, you can go and drink some wine.". You're a civil servant. There's nothing for you to do tonight. Just drink freely. Yang Ling held the cup and walked back. Liu Zhifu lingering palpitations to think about, today sent to send the pirate family and property of the packer horses and chariots, as well as the rice is still on credit with the people's silver, he also did not care to drink, first ran out to call his master, let him go to do it right away, repeatedly told not to make peace, this just return to the banquet hall. Yang Ling returned to the table and drank two more cups with the snow cat, using the excuse of convenience to walk to the back house. He went through the courtyard, the flower hall, and turned into a study on the right, where Cheng Qiyun was already waiting. As soon as Yang Ling entered the door, he asked urgently, "How is it going?" Cheng Qiyun stood up and said, "Lord Han and Lord Peng led ten newly built centipede warships to set out first. This ship doesn't need to sail. It can be used for the first round of sneak attack.". The Zhe Navy and the Fukien Navy dispatched a total of one hundred and twenty horse clippers, and sent eighteen thousand soldiers to accompany them in the distance, just waiting for the fire to be raised, and then immediately attacked the mountain. Our new battleships have been increased to twelve, and all of them have been sent to meet them just in case. I'm sure I can win Shuangyu tonight. Yang Ling breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, "Good!"! You go to Meng Sihai, Jiang Zhou there to see, now Han Chao and small love is not in the camp, these two balls must not make trouble.

    Tonight is the time for us to close the net and catch the fish. If there is any sign of trouble, don't scare the fish away! Cheng Qiyun covered her mouth and said with a smile, "Then I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed. If you catch this net, at most you'll have a cat and a dog.". Still want to fish? "Talking about fish, I'm afraid you can't even see a shrimp." The seventh volume kills the side music chapter 280 tonight starts the net. This is an open sandy land in the west of Jiangbian Prefecture. Because the soil is not suitable for planting crops, and when it rains, the river always overflows the ground, so it is empty, just for the placement of Snow Cat's subordinates. Jiangbian Island is not a complete piece of land, but a patchwork of several large and small beaches, separated by shallow streams. Snow Cat's lineages occupy the largest and most complete piece of land, and even the island owners who belong to Snow Cat lead their own troops to set up camps. Liu Zhifu had already informed the place to build many sheds here, even if there are shortcomings, the pirates themselves can also temporarily go to the distant river beach forest to cut down trees and build a temporary residence. More than a hundred fat pigs, goats and four carts of wine had arrived, and the island leaders divided them according to their population and rushed back to slaughter pigs and sheep by the stream, light a bonfire, set up a big pot, and prepare for a full meal. The second master of the snow cat is a Ryukyu man named Erdan. He is short and strong. He often likes to wear a swarthy upper body. He wears a big necklace with shark teeth around his neck. He looks very rough. This man is good at using a harpoon. Within a hundred paces, his strength penetrates the human body. He has never failed. He is the first general under the Snow Cat. He led a few of his trusted followers to hurriedly inspect the pirates stationed on the beach. He looked around and said, "The government has already left." One of his subordinates said respectfully, "Yes, the second-in-command. The officials looked down on us. Niang gave us a false welcome and left our things behind." Erdan smiled and said, "It's better to go, but I'm not at ease to stay.". Now the cat master and several big leaders are feasting in the city, all cheer up, the government sent live pigs and sheep, but don't worry,stainless steel tile edging, those wine, brothers are not allowed to touch, now it's better to be careful. 。 jecatrims.com

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