Basic guidelines for writing a social studies essay

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  • Basic guidelines for writing a social studies essay

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    Basic guidelines for writing a social studies essay

    1. Choose a statement that you understand. The field of knowledge to which it belongs does not matter. Only what you understand can become the topic of the essayshark review and no other way.

    2. Your task is to write an intelligent, coherent, understandable text. However, it is important to remember that in the essay you need to cite two or three terms from the social studies course and explain them. Theoretical knowledge from the course is also appreciated.

    3. Try to write your essay according to a plan.

    Essay outline:

    • Explanation of the statement + theoretical part.

    • Expression of your opinion or ideas about the author's point of view.

    • First argument + example in defense/explanation of your position.

    • Second argument + example in defense/explanation of one's position.

    There may be only one idea about a statement (your own) (and you defend it with two arguments with examples), or there may be two ideas and you illustrate each with an example.

    An argument is a thought that proves your point. Often it can be stated in a single sentence. But there are times when it takes two or three, or even more, sentences. An argument is an answer to the question of why you agree with the statement.

    It is good to explain what an argument is with a simple example. Let's imagine that you are writing an essay on the following statement: "Doing sports is good for your health. In defense of this statement you can give the following thoughts-proofs (arguments, answers to the question why "yes", why you agree):

    "When you play sports, muscles, including the heart muscle, are exercised."
    "Sports help people lose excess weight, which helps them avoid many diseases."

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