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    Buy Sos Food Ration

    Qinhuangdao Ocean Food Co., Ltd.
    Qinhuangdao Ocean Food Co., Ltd. Former Chinese people's Liberation Army No. 4003 Factory, was founded in 1960, designated manufacturer for PLA, is located in Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China, originally belonging to the navy logistics department. In 1960,The 4003th factory set up affiliated department of the PLA navy.
    The 4003 Factory of the PLA was established under the logistics Department of the Navy.
    Add the name of the Qinhuangdao Ocean food factory.
    By troops handed over to the Chinese chemical industry group.
    New factories moved to establish modernized production line.
    Enterprise restructuring complete name: Qinhuangdao ocean food co., LTD.
    The company was identified as "High-tech enterprise of Hebei Province".
    We are the professional manufacture of compressed biscuits, self-heating food, meal ready-to-eat (MRE), various kinds of military canned.Our company is the only one collection of R&D, production, sales in the integration of large- scale comprehensive food processing enterprises in China for about 60 years.
    Ocean Food products are successfully used by military, numerous aid agencies and humanitarian organizations, civil defense institutions, expeditions and outdoor workers.
    Our Product
    A. Compressed biscuits
    We are the professional manufacture of various kinds of compressed biscuits in China for about 60 years. And our factory produces all kind of specification and flavor compressed biscuits.
    We have many different flavors and packages for selection.
    60g, 100g, 120g, 125g, 200g, 250g Original,peanut,chocolate,salty,multivitamin,peach,orange,sesame,onion flavors. The products features are: High energy,Multi vitamins&minerals ,Long shelf life,The maximum shelf life can reach 20 years .
    B. MREs (Meals Ready to eat)
    We are the biggest manufacturer in China of MRE (Meals Ready to eat), for military, civilian and emergency preparedness. And our factory produces all kind of MREs menu.
    The MRE menus including main food(fried instant rice and noodles),side dishes,snacks and drinks inside.Have the features of ready to eat, rich nutrition and self heating.
    C. Military canned
    We are the professional manufacture of various kinds of military canned: Luncheon meat, canned pork, canned beef, canned chicken, canned vegetable, etc. In China for about 60 years. The features of our canned food are no artificial color, no presevatives. High meat content over 60%, and taste delicious. It is the best choice for outdoor travel and emergency storage.
    Production Market
    We have over 50,000 retail outlets, covering more than 30 provinces and regions in China.We have exported to America,THe U.IK.,European, Australia,Vietnam,Philippines,Brunei,South Africa and Middle East countries for many years. We Obtain high praise from our customers.Our business is growing year by year,there is still a huge potential in overseas market.We have set up e-commerce teams in Beijing and Hangzhou.  At the same time, we have entered Alibaba international site, Amazon US , UK and India , ebay,shopeefy and Google independent station, further integrating with the international market, for the enterprise's future global development comprehensive layout.
    Our service
    1. Private label & Design;
    2. Custom flavor, color and gram are available;
    3. HACCP, ISO, HALAL, QS can be supplied;
    4. OEM and ODM services are available;
    LaboratoryBuy Sos Food Ration

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