CNC Granite Engraving Machine Stone Machinery Factory

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  • CNC Granite Engraving Machine Stone Machinery Factory

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    CNC Granite Engraving Machine Stone Machinery Factory
    What is CNC granite engraving machine?

    CNC Stone Engraving Machine is a high-tech automatic computer controlled engraving equipment capable of carving and calligraphy on natural stone, glass and ceramics.

    The main functions of stone CNC router machine are stone latter carving, 3D stone carving, stone positive carving, stone shadow carving, stone line carving, stone cutting, stone hollowing, etc.

    CNC granite engraving machine

    How to choose a stone engraving machine?
    1. The bed. The bed is a configuration that bears the weight of the entire machine. If the bed is set unreasonably, it will not only affect the accuracy of post-processing but also reduce the service life of the machine.

    2. Spindle motor. The spindle motor is the core configuration of the entire machine, and it is also the core configuration that affects its work efficiency, because machining requires the rotation of the tool, and the spindle drives the rotation of the tool through its own rotation. In the long-term work, the spindle motor is the main vulnerable part of the stone engraving machine and is not covered by the warranty. Therefore, when we choose the stone CNC cutting machine, we must consult professionals and choose the spindle motor that suits us, such as; : Customers who carved reliefs and granite stone must choose high-power motors.

    3. Drive. It is matched with the drive motor to output current and motion signals for the drive motor. The high-profile driver can drive the high-profile engraving machine.

    4. Guide rail. The guide rails are divided into square rails and circular rails. The square rails have high precision, wear resistance and long life, but the running speed is worse than that of the circular rails. The circular rails run faster, but the wear resistance and life are relatively square. The track is worse, the specific choice can be made according to your own needs.

    5. Transmission mode. The transmission mode is divided into rack and screw. The speed of the rack is fast. Generally, large machines will use the rack to drive, because the screw is unstable. Screws are commonly used in small machines, although they are slower but with high accuracy.

    6. Drive the motor. Responsible for the power output of the engraving machine in all directions. There are four common types: stepper motors, hybrid servo motors, domestic servo motors, and imported servo motors. The staff can be specifically consulted to select a motor that is more suitable for the machine as a whole.

    Energy saving: The biggest energy loss comes from the spindle motor. The traditional engraving machine needs to manually control the spindle cutting motor. It is inevitable to forget to turn off the spindle after engraving, which wastes energy and poses safety risks. After the engraving machine stops working, the spindle of the engraving machine stops automatically.

    Offline: Taking into account the surrounding environment of the engraving machine and the convenience of adopting the new control system, the computer can be connected to the engraving machine without a data cable at all, which is simple to operate and has strong compatibility.

    This kind of advanced carving is unimaginable in the era of artificial carving, but now we can easily use the cnc stone engraving machine to achieve this demand. The cnc router machine has realized the mechanization of stone carving products, automated production and greatly improved the efficiency, which is also a big reason why the cnc router machine meets people's favor.

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