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    MMOexp WoW Classic SoD Gold:

    The most striking difference and the argument we're trying to convey is that every single speck, whatever it is it is, will have a composition they are able to play and perform extremely well in. It's this fact which makes the meta a lot more varied and exciting. There's no way to play the same set of comp inspects over and over time, no matter in what classification you're in, even the archetypes of comps change during each game will be a control complicated RMP and the other game will be melee caster healer another game some form of spell Cleat.

    The next one will be a monster Cleve is trying to get you down. Another great point to consider for those who are coming from a retail background and one thing you'll be able to experience is competition and competition in all brackets. 5 V 5, and 2 v 2 at the very least, for the first few seasons. The tournaments will also offer titles and end of Season rewards.

    Although rewards from these brackets eventually wiped out, you can't overlook how much this opened up for gameplay variety. There are some specs that don't have the most solidified spot at the top of the line and three V 3 can be a composition based around things like a caster Cleves or even a rush through Compson five V five, or be specifically strong with two v two playing compositions such as double DPS.

    This means you're never going to be left with that common feeling we've all experienced where your class or spec prevents you from participating at the level that you'd like to. Altogether this means the meta as a whole is just a lot more flexible and diverse. Moving on, let's talk about balance in the class.

    We touched on this a bit when discussing the meta but , like every other game, players are always more inclined to go for the specifications they believe to be the most powerful and this isn't changing. And wrath does of course have this feature and all you need to do is glance at any tier list of any YouTuber and you'll see the same few classes on top of the list.

    But what you need to pay foremost attention to how PAC these middle tiers are. Then, compare it to TBC or retail where classes tend to be extremely strong or impossible to play. There is very little difference between. TVC was clearly the first iteration of arena and coordinated PvP that we saw within World of Warcraft history.

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