Mut 24 Coins jump on the Bears bandwagon

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  • Mut 24 Coins jump on the Bears bandwagon

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    Mut 24 Coins jump on the Bears bandwagon

    A few takeaways of this match. First, I've been reluctant to Mut 24 Coins jump on the Bears bandwagon since there's something that I'm not able to Mut 24 Coins believe about Mitch Trubisky. I think the Bears are the most effective team in the opening second half of games and are stronger in the initial quarter. They've been ahead at halftime in every game, but they begin to slow down in the second half. Is that because Trubisky is off his opening script and/or Matt Nagy is off his script and therefore not as efficient? I'm leaning towards Trubisky having issues as his performances have shown him at times his throws aren't as effective. Even as good as the Bears defense has been, in the year 2018 the quarterback and the offense have to be at a high level in order to succeed in the playoffs.

    This being said, I believe it's time to believe in the Bears, who are still just a year from being in Super Bowl contention. The Lions might not be alive for the time being but Chicago has traveled to a division opponent with the backup quarterback in an unseasonably short time frame and came out on top. That's huge. Washington wouldn't be able to do that.

    On Sunday, Chase Daniel showed why he routinely gets paid big money to be a backup. He scored 27-37. 230 miles and scored two touchdowns. This game showed that Matt Nagy is a legit coach. Not that he wasn't beforehand, but the Bears offense were able to be efficient under those circumstances. They didn't have much of the run game but played with guys who were open all day.

    Nagy did some subtle adjustments in the game , which I would say were vital and easily overlooked. In the beginning the team tried a few deeper passes, however Chase seemed a little off. That's not surprising as Chase hasn't even worked with the wide receivers in practice to the fullest extent. In the second half, those went away. Throws were shorter and more efficient. Good adjustments.

    The Bears defense started the game as the best defense within the Madden NFL 24 because they can handle everything. They've racked up 34 sacks and are only allowing 3.6 yards per play, which is tied with the Saints for best in the Madden NFL 24. The only thing that takes their defense from good to excellent is their mistakes they make. They have made 29 turnovers, including 20 interceptions, scoring on six of those.

    Even though this league is one that plays offensively, the Bears are likely to Madden 24 Coins be the only defense that could beat the Saints in Buy Mut 24 Coins the playoffs , and giving them a chance.

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