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    Paper Cup factory

    Paper cups are generally divided into cold drink cups, hot drink cups and ice cream cups, and the applicable temperatures are also different for different uses.
    Currently, there are three main types of paper cups on the market: the first one is made of white cardboard, which is mainly used to hold dry food such as French fries and popcorn, and cannot hold water. The second is the wax-coated paper cup, which is waterproof and thick. It is usually used to hold cold drinks and cannot be used to hold hot drinks. Otherwise, the wax layer on the surface of the paper cup is easy to melt and mix into the food, which affects the safety of use.The last one is the coated paper cup, which is the most widely used and has the most manufacturers.
    There is a layer of single-sided coating (usually PE film) in the cup of the coated paper cup, and there is no coating layer outside the cup. Coated paper cups can be used to hold hot drinks, but not recommended for cold drinks, because when holding cold drinks, it is easy to form condensed water on the outer wall of the cup, which will easily cause the cup body to soften, the stiffness to drop, and the paper cup to be easily deformed.
    Our dixie cup (with lid) is the second production method, which is suitable for storage in an environment with a temperature as low as -23 degrees. The printed content and size of the bottle body on dixie cup can be designed according to customer requirements, and the lid has good sealing performance.
    Dixie cup (with lid) is one of most popular paper cup with long history.Paper Cup factory

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