Precision Woodworking Table Saw With Sliding Arm

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  • Precision Woodworking Table Saw With Sliding Arm

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    Precision Woodworking Table Saw With Sliding Arm

    Precision Woodworking Table Saw With Sliding Arm
    Table saw with sliding arm are high precision woodworking power tools used for cross-cutting and making longitudinal cuts on a wide array of wood-based panels, including plywood, veneer particleboard, fiberboard, aluminum alloy, and solid wood board, and more.This sliding miter sled for table saw uses linear guideway to lift the saw blade which is more smooth and more durable.

    table saw with sliding arm

    A sliding miter sled for table saw,  These industrial beasts have wings that sheet goods ride on and move with the material. The operator hardly has to do any work feeding the material through the saw. The only hard part is lifting the wood on and off the table.

    Maintenance of the sliding crosscut sled for table saw:
    1) According to the workload, the dust removal operation should be carried out on the inside of the machine regularly to ensure the normal heat dissipation of the motor.

    2) Regularly dedust the pusher track to ensure smooth running of the push table

    3) Check the belt regularly and find that the wear should be replaced in time.

    4) Regularly fill the lubricating parts of the fuselage to ensure the stability and quietness of the equipment operation.

    Features of table saw with sliding arm:

    •MJ633 adpts international advanced double steel bar guide rail structure that can ensure easy sliding.

    •The double saw blades cutting technique ensures the kerf is smooth and flat.

    •The whole unti of saw blades can turn any angles from 45°-90°.The tilting is controlled manually through the handwheel.

    •MJ633 is equipped with high power motor of pure aluminium case.Both the main saw and scoring saw are electrically lifted,which is easy in operations.

    •Speed indication lights are embedded in the front panel.

    •MJ633 adopts short shaft trasmits structure to reduce kerf irregularity due to motor knocking.

    All bearings in this sliding table saw are all imported SKF brand, which has lower sliding resistance and power consumption comparing with ordinary bearings.

    Precision Panel Saw Parameter:

    Maximum cutting  length 2800/3000/3200mm
    Maximum cutting width 1250mm
    Main saw blade diameter 250-300mm
    Scribing saw blade 120mm
    Main saw blade speed 4500-6000rpm
    Scribing saw blade 8000rpm
    Main saw motor power 4kw
    Scribing saw blade 0.75kw
    Machine size 3050*3150*900mm
    Weight 800kg
    Pushing table, medium and high configuration adopts European seat sliding table, the table is made of aviation-grade high-strength extruded aluminum alloy, which has strong compression resistance, smooth and flat table, and high precision

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