Sales Promotion Stone Cutting CNC Machine In China

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  • Sales Promotion Stone Cutting CNC Machine In China

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    Sales Promotion Stone Cutting CNC Machine In China

    Stone processing has a long history. Since human activities have existed on the earth, there has been stone processing, so that archaeologists divided the age of ancient human life into Paleolithic and Neolithic. In the 2.5 million year old Paleolithic age, mankind began to make stone into their main tools like polished stone axes, stone adzes, stone chisels and stone spades, polished millstones, and stone hammers, stone chips. Later, with the advent of stone machinery and diamond tools, humans gradually mastered various methods of mining and processing stone. stone cutting cnc machine has been continuously developed with the emergence of new technologies, and its processing technology has also been continuously improved.

    An updated stone cutting cnc machine from HSNC-500, equipped with Italy CNC system ESA and 3 axis interpolation, is applicable for cutting all kind of stone slabs to size, such as granite, marble, quartzite and artifical stone slab etc., especailly suitable for processing stone countertop with sink. Relief processing is workable too.

    Stone Cutting CNC Machine

    Applications of stone cutting cnc machine:

    The stone cutting cnc machine can make line carving, 2D carving, 3D carving, 3D relief, cutting, drilling, etc. Applicable Materials: Stone, marble, granite, black stone, bluestone, jade stone, crystal, glass, organic glass floor tile and ceramic tile, plastic, chemical synthesis board, PVC board, bamboo ware, aluminum plastic panel, metals, etc.

    Applicable Industry Representative Products:

    Stone Industry: Stone, ink-stone cutting, tomb stone, jade and marble products.Kitchen Ware Industry: Man-made marble cabinet table surface.Artwork Decoration Industry: Wood crafts, gift box, jewelry box and other exquisite art crafts.Woodworking industry: Chair, door, window, bed, cabinet, kitchen wares, redwood classical and antique furniture, exquisite european furniture, decorative products sculpture.Mold Industry: Engraving copper, aluminum, and other metal molds;Building models, shoes, badge, embossed mould, biscuit, candy, chocolate mould, artificial marble, plastic sheeting, PVC, wood, foam and other non-metallic mold.Advertising Industry: Billboard, signage, badges, logo, company plate, signs, emblem, badge, display panels, fair signs, building numbers, signs of decoration, literal hole cutting, 3D character cutting, acrylic cutting, LED/Neon channel, light box

    Features of stone cutting cnc machine
    1. This stone cutting cnc machine can meet the processing requirements of cutting, edging, polishing and engraving of different materials.

    2. The stone cutting cnc machine automatically changes the tool during the whole process without manual intervention, which reduces the labor cost and improves the production efficiency for the enterprise.

    3. The bed is welded seamlessly with thick-walled steel pipes to ensure higher machining accuracy.

    4. The working table is made of steel plate, which has the advantages of anti-rust, good load bearing performance and long service life.

    Description Parameters
    Working area 3000*1500*500mm
    Machine body Heavy duty big square tube steel bed structure
    Function ATC function
    Transmitting system XY axis is rack and pinion,Z axis TBI Ball Screw
    Guide rail XYZ all from Famous Taiwan Hiwin Line 30mm Square guide way
    ATC 5.5KW/7.5KW water cooled spindle
    Motor Servo motors and drivers
    Controller system Ncstudio system
    380v three phase
    Software Artcam software
    Others automatic Lubrication system

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