Table Saw With Scoring Unit With Electric Lifting

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  • Table Saw With Scoring Unit With Electric Lifting

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    Table Saw With Scoring Unit With Electric Lifting

    Table Saw With Scoring Unit With Electric Lifting
    The table saw with scoring unit  is the ideal sliding panel saw for high accuracy cutting of sheet materials for the production of kitchen cabinetry, furniture, millwork operations, and more.  This saves time while providing a high level of accuracy and repeatability.  The sliding table saw for cutting wood panels is made from a precision aluminum extrusion and runs on precision linear guide rails.The demand for a cheap sliding panel table saw has been on the rise due to its sturdy and robust features. They are used for both domestic and commercial uses.

    table saw with scoring unit

    Aluminum shell motor makes sure its good heat dissipation. 25mm metal plate guarantees the compressive strength and the high precision of the inter-machine, which can also reduce the shock of the machine.

    Format sliding table saw operation notes:
    1) Clean the table and the table top around the table saw.

    2) Check if the saw blade is sharp and the size saw blade if is on a line.

    3) Test machine: The time is about 1 minute. Check whether the machine is running normally. Check the rotation direction of the saw blade to ensure that the saw blade rotates in the correct direction.

    4) Place the prepared plate on the pusher and adjust the gear size.

    5) Start cutting.

    Main Saw and Scorning Saw Spindle

    After the heating processing and dynamic balancing treatment, our saw spindle will never deformation. With high quality belt and motor, this sliding table saw has lower noise, higher precision and higher efficiency of power transmission.

    Table saw with scoring unit features:

    1. Improved internal structure, ensure stable and precision working environment;

    2. Aluminum sliding table with round stick rail, ensure smooth running;

    3. Accurate and solid rip fence with fine adjustment function;

    4. Adjustment saw blade protection extraction hood;

    5. Saw blade manual tiltable (0°- 45°)as well as height adjustable.

    Sliding top table saw advantage:

    1 Double-layer thickened chrome-plated round rod sliding table, the test accuracy of the dial indicator of each device is within 20 wires

    2 The bearing adopts the world's top brand, nachi high-speed bearing, with low vibration noise, stable work and low vibration noise.

    3 The machine comes standard with tool kit, angle ruler and pusher knife.

    4 Add high-end saw blades with German technology

    5 The profile column is made of chrome-plated material, which is resistant to oxidation and does not rust

    6 Saw blade vibration test is strictly controlled within 5 wires

    table saw with scoring unit

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