Table Saw With Sliding Bed For Cutting Wood

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  • Table Saw With Sliding Bed For Cutting Wood

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    Table Saw With Sliding Bed For Cutting Wood

    Table Saw With Sliding Bed For Cutting Wood
    They are designed to boost the productivity of the user by performing much work with less hassle and time.Of all the tools, the best table saws provide tons of versatility. With the right jigs, you can cut box joints, spline joints, tenons for mortise and tenon joints, and many more. This table saw with sliding bed guide should get you started regardless of your skill level. Knowing how to use a table saw lets you do anything from cutting sheet goods down to size to making very small parts for models or crafts.

    Sliding Table Panel Saw wood working Machine Apply to processing all kinds of density boards, shaving boards, wood-based panels, ABS panels, PVC panels

    table saw with sliding bed

    Features of table panel saw for sale:
    1. Electric lift, digital display function, one-button lifting, simpler operation

    2. Cast iron structure, easy to cut without sliding, using non-rust chrome-plated mold shaft to promote smooth

    3. Use a non-deformed cast iron countertop to increase the widened auxiliary workbench

    4. Double saw blade structure, clear division of labor, small sawing and scribing, large sawing and opening, eliminating plate burrs, chipping, etc.

    Sliding mitre saw and table advantages:

    Programmable rip fence saves time & provides high level of accuracy and repeatability

    Precision sliding table runs on hardened linear guides for extremely smooth and effortless movement

    Powerful 7.5 HP main motor and separate 1HP scoring motor

    Ergonomic eye level control panel for setting the rip width, blade height, and blade angle along with on/off switches for the main and scoring motors

    Accurate crosscut miter fence for fast length and angle setting

    Table saw with sliding bedoperation instructions

    1. Before starting the machine, you must carefully check the saw blade pad and the compression nut and the screws at all parts. If it is loose, it should be tightened in time. When installing the saw blade, pay attention to the cutting direction and irreversible.

    2. Precision table saws do not allow the saw blade to work without a protective cover.

    3. When hand feeding, be sure to hold the wood close to the workbench and position the plate. The hand should not be too close to the saw blade. It is strictly forbidden to process wood that cannot be controlled by the hand.

    4. Before processing, the wood should first check whether the wood is sawed at the place where there are nails, sandstone, joints, etc., in order to prevent damage to the saw blade and the joints flying out and hurting people.

    5. The precision push table saw can’t stand in the cutting direction, and the operator should pay attention to safety when collecting wood.

    6. When cleaning the machine, wiping the lubricant, removing the saw blade and removing the sawdust, the power must be turned off.

    7. When fault happens, the power should be cut off immediately, and the operation should be stopped. The repair and adjustment should be carried out by a special person, and the machine tool is not allowed to operate with faults.

    1 Main saw motor power 4kw, scoring saw motor power 0.75kw, can be customized main saw motor 5kw, scoring saw motor power 1.1kw

    Chinese woodworking machinery factory high quality sustainable wood cutting machine sliding table saw

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