Top Quality Stone Engraving CNC Machine In China

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  • Top Quality Stone Engraving CNC Machine In China

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    Top Quality Stone Engraving CNC Machine In China



    ♦ 整机采用坚固的结构,强劲的主轴电机,精密高效的控制系统,配备专业软件。它易于安装和操作。

    ♦ 龙门运动,铸造台更耐用。长时间使用后不会弯曲。位置精度要好得多。

    ♦ 在加工大理石、花岗岩、石材等时,采用大理石工具的水冷系统。

    ♦ The square sliding blocks are of good dust proof effect. Automatic oil feeding and lubricating system makes the regular maintenance very easy.

    ♦ Superior high power watercooling spindle could keep working at low noise level, safeguarding stability for longtime operation.

    ♦ Adopt Hiwin square guide rail, smooth operation and high precision, long life.

    ♦ The sign making carving fine without serrated, the bottom surface smooth and the outline clear.

    ♦ Adopt to imported high precision helical rack drive, to ensure the machine runs stably with high accuracy.

    ♦ Good structural design of the whole machine, ensures long service life.

    Stone engraving cnc machine application:

    Marble, granite, China black, bluestone, jade, ceramic, crystal, glass, plastic, plexiglass, PVC board, bamboo, aluminum panels, metal etc. material.

    Applicable industry:

    Stone, tombstone processing, advertising, decoration, crafts etc. 2D,3D carving, three-dimensional relief, cutting, drilling, industries

    Stone engraving cnc machine is more and more popular, we all find it brings convenience, so CNC engraving machine has what advantages, let us have a look.

        1, Versatile: A Stone engraving cnc machine can work on a variety of materials with equal ease.Some models may include additional features and accessories (such as automatic knife changer).Accelerate the production process.

        2. High productivity and scalability: Once the design specifications and parameters have been set on the machine, it starts to perform tasks consistently and pays the price for flexible scalability.

        3. Low maintenance: Due to the automation of digital machines, they update themselves automatically from time to time, thus simplifying the work process.They don't require regular service.The only thing you need to change from time to time is the cutting tool.Regular light cleaning will only improve the quality of work.None of this requires a call to a professional, which in turn minimizes overhead.

        4. Minimum labor requirements: Several operators are required to perform production operations.The whole task can be accomplished by professional programmers and skilled operators, while in manual machines, the operator of each machine and the supervisor of management operations are required.

        5. 24-hour endurance: nc engraving machine can work continuously.It can be delivered 24 hours a day unless repairs or necessary repairs are required.

        6. Safe environment guarantee: CNC engraving machine provides a safer material cutting environment.Operators engaged in maintaining the proper functioning of the machine do not have to disturb themselves with sharp tools and tools, as is the case with traditional cutting methods.You can finish the work from a distance.

    1、Changsheng water cooling spindle

    This machine adopts Changsheng water cooling spindle, which uses the water circulation to cool the heat generated after the spindle rotates at high speed. This cooling method has the advantages of good cooling effect, low noise, long service life and high accuracy.

    2、Linear automatic tool changer

    The number of linear tool magazines can be customized according to the user's specific processing requirements. The position of the linear tool changer can be placed under the gantry or behind the machine bed. This tool change method has the advantages of low cost and fast tool change. Especially when the linear tool magazine placed under the gantry greatly, which can save the tool changing time, improve the processing efficiency, reduce the wear on the guide rail, and prolong the service life of the machine accordingly.

    3、Weihong Control System

    This machine adopts Weihong control system, and computer controls the movement of engraving machine. The humanized interface design, not only can visually observe the processing path, but also make it more convenient to correct in time. The program compatibility is extremely high, and various engraving CAM software can be imported directly or indirectly. Therefore, this type of control system has the advantages of humanized design, simple and convenient operation, complete functions and high compatibility.

    4、Automatic lubrication system


    机体 重型大方管钢床身结构
    功能 ATC 功能
    ATC 5.5KW/7.5KW水冷主轴
    控制器系统 Ncstudio系统
    380v 三相
    Artcam 软件

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