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  • Best Data Science Course in Pune - Skillslash

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    Best Data Science Course in Pune - Skillslash

    Are you considering entering the field of data science but are hesitant because you lack the necessary experience or training?

    There is no doubt that Skillslash is reliable and will guide you in the right direction. It would be an understatement to say Skillslash is one of the top data science institutes in Pune. Its innovative approach to online education has made it a world leader.

    Our comprehensive curriculum covers Python, R, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Tableau, and many more relevant data science tools. Thus, we aim to provide our students with everything they need to complete their data science training in Pune. This will enable them to get employed by some of India's top companies and startups.

    We offer a convenient online alternative if you are too busy with work or school to attend regular classroom sessions. Due to its rapid growth, broad connections with leading AI firms and startups, and world-class teaching delivered by pioneers in the field, Skillslash consistently ranks among the most popular data science course in Pune.

    We recently launched an entirely online data science course in Pune designed specifically for working professionals. This opportunity is best suited to those with at least a year's worth of corporate experience. Students can thrive in a distance learning environment because they can study at their own pace and around their other commitments. Classes are offered during the week and on weekends to accommodate busy professionals.

    The skills of a candidate are now more relevant to hiring managers than their educational background. Due to the fact that students have the opportunity to learn from some of the country's leading professors, work with some of the most well-known names in AI, solve real-world problems, and gain valuable project experience in just two years, this program is significantly more valuable than a traditional three-year degree.

    We charge a total of INR 1,09,999 (plus GST) as our data science course fees in Pune.

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