Longkai Multifunction Rocker milling machine, This product is suitable for the processing industry of automobile, ship, mould, hardware, steel structure and other parts. The left and right (X-axis) guideways are swallow-tail guideways, the upper and lower (Z-axis) and the front and rear (Y-axis) guideways are square guideways, and high rigid castings. The whole machine castings are cast with high rigidity high-grade cast iron. The inner part of the main frame is specially treated. After accurate calculation and long-term use, the deformation is small and the stability is good.
The transmission guide rail and the guide rail are grinded after heat treatment, matched with Turcite-B and manual scraping to ensure the stable operation and cutting accuracy of the worktable under load. High precision spindle design of Multifunction turret milling machine, the machine spindle with CP4 precision oblique ball bearings and dynamic balance, installed in the nose seat, to ensure the smooth operation of the spindle.Milling Machine
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