The modified product is used to fix the microphone and the bracket, and also to connect the microphone. Surface sandblasting + spray paint processing to make the product more three-dimensional, considerable. And the use of 3# zinc alloy as raw materials to make the product has good mechanical properties and wear resistance at room temperature.

Introduction to the process:

Precision die casting parts are made of 3# zinc alloy block as raw material, dissolved at high temperature to form a liquid, and then apply a certain pressure, the liquid zinc alloy into the mold cavity, forming the structure and shape of precision die casting parts.

The precision die-casting parts formed by the mold shall be transferred to the CNC workshop for two rounds of processing, which are: the first round of inner hole screw and the second round of shape; After finishing the machining, it is transferred to the grinding workshop to polish the burr caused by the front-end process to achieve the appearance requirements required by the precision die casting parts materials; The precision die casting parts materials that meet the appearance and size requirements are finally sent to the printing workshop for sandblasting and spray painting.

Basic Specifications:

Material: environmental protection 3# zinc alloy
Surface treatment: sandblasting, spray painting
Overall height: 15.5+ 0.05-0.1mm
Nut outer diameter: 25.65+ 0.05-0.00 mm
Nut inner diameter: 23.7+ 0.00-0.05mm
Minimum diameter at bottom: 34卤0.1mm
Maximum diameter of bottom: 38.4+ 0.2-0.1mm
Product weight: 29g
Environmental protection index: in line with the European Union ROHS, REACH, CP65 environmental protection requirements

Process features:

鈼?Metal parts with complex shapes, well-defined contours, and thin-walled deep cavities can be made. The precision of die casting is high, the surface roughness is RA0.8-3.2um, and the interchangeability is good.
鈼?Has excellent mechanical properties and wear resistance at ambient temperature.
鈼?Good physical and chemical properties, which are not easy to inhale and oxidize at high temperature melting, can meet the demand of long-term heat preservation in die casting process;
鈼?CNC lathes have high machining accuracy and stable machining quality;
鈼?High automation of machine tools reduces labor intensity;

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Q1: What is your cooperation process?
A1: our cooperation process in online shopping as usual, first transfer processing drawings or samples to us, for the staff evaluation calculation, price is given and the processing time in 24 hours, after both sides talks things over consistent, you can take a picture of the payment, we according to the agreed delivery time, payment after receiving your confirmation, the real objective evaluation is given. Due to the high cost of hardware materials and machining costs, we need to charge a symbolic deposit for some parts, which can be deducted from the later payment.

Q2: I have asked several manufacturers why some prices are very high and others very low.
A2: Each processing plant has its own operation mode, although the mechanical processing equipment is similar, but the work and responsibility are very different, cost performance can not be simply based on price or scale, any product separated from quality and service is a one-shot sale, not long. Our quotation IS not affected by others, we only emphasize to do the best products, with the fastest speed, the most warm service, the most noble professional spirit to receive every customer and let customers become regular customers.China Precision Die Casting
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