Grave Robbers Who Have Entered the Tomb

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  • Grave Robbers Who Have Entered the Tomb

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    Grave Robbers Who Have Entered the Tomb

    Later, there were children who liked to play in the water and often jumped down to the bottom of the river, but no one had ever seen the coffin again. It was said that the current in the small bay was not fast, and there was no reason to be washed away because of the silt below, but the coffin was missing. Some good people went down to look for it several times, but unfortunately no one found it. These are the last words, but said that the divination operator at that time saw that Zhang Xingquan was smart and bold, and there was no family trouble, so he had the intention to accept him as an apprentice, so he recognized him as a bollworm, changed his surname to Chen, with the master's surname, this divination operator was actually an old master of the Southern School (in the field of grave robbery generally refers to several areas near Changsha as the center), surnamed Chen, called Chen Xiuping. His ancestor was Chen Youliang, a famous rebel leader at the end of the yuan Dynasty. He drifted to his generation and became a master of searching for tombs in famous mountains. Chen Xiuping used the identity of divination to wander around, in fact, in order to cover up his convenience. Chen Xingquan studied with his master for several years, until one day his master took him to find a tribute of the Song Dynasty from a nearby water tomb. In a moment of joy, he told him about the old man. Not far from the town, there is a well called "Gong Ren",14 tube fitting, which is the place where palace maids and eunuchs in ancient times were dragged out for cremation after their death, and then the ashes were poured into it. In ancient times, if the palace people could not get the emperor's "luck" in their life, their fate would be miserable. Once in the palace, in the deep lock of the palace, they become the victim of the dark palace struggle under the complicated etiquette system, even if they get sick,stainless steel needle valve, they can not be cured, they can only let people take medicine from the internal affairs room. After his death, the ashes were poured into the "Palace Palace", and no one worshipped them. Chapter 30 Master and disciples meet evil (1). Because there was no one to worship these palace people after their death, they were very resentful and could not live. Some of them were violent and came out to wreak havoc. But some of them, because they had not enjoyed the affection of the world before their death, were lonely all their lives, so they wanted to relive it after their death. They also wanted someone to give them some incense. So the old man's family belonged to this situation. At that time, Chen Xingquan was young and full of vigor, and he was curious about many things, so he begged his master to take him to see the "palace people". He asked again and again, but Chen Xiuping could not resist him, so he had to bring him to see the "palace people". Before going out, he repeatedly told Chen Xingquan that when he arrived at the place, he must follow him, 12 needle valve ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, otherwise if something bad happened, even the master could not protect him. Chen Xingquan agreed. At that time, it was early spring, spring morning, the sun was particularly warm, this "palace people" is not far from the town where Chen Xingquan is located, over a ridge of earth to arrive. Master and disciples had breakfast and were ready to set out when a rickshaw puller passed by the door and insisted on pestering the master to calculate a divination. Chen Xiuping had no choice but to finish the calculation for him in a hurry. The man who pulled the cart was grateful and insisted that the master get on the cart. As a result, the man who pulled the cart ran in front of him, and Chen Xingquan trotted all the way behind him. When he got to the place, Chen Xiuping found that he had left his usual baggage in the cart. He wanted to go back and get it, but he felt it was too much trouble. Chen Xiuping knew that there were several twists and turns in going to "Gong Ren", but now he had no magic weapon, so he could only go forward with his own cultivation. Two people down the earth ridge, in front of a dense forest, the forest branches and leaves cover, the sun seems to be unable to penetrate, the remaining fog inside is about light, walking in the woods, humid air mixed with the freshness of the soil blow on the face. As soon as the sun shone in the morning, Chen Xingquan could not help shivering as soon as he entered the woods and the humidity fumigated. He felt a little dizzy and his consciousness became hazy. Looking at the master again, he found that he was frowning and seemed to have some problems. Chen Xingquan obeyed the master's advice, followed the master closely, and did not dare to leave a step. He wanted to hold the master's hand and strengthen his courage, but he felt a little embarrassed. As soon as he was distracted, he found that he had staggered several distances with the master. In the middle of the hazy fog, the master's figure is a little blurred, he followed a few steps, but can not see the master, can not help but be anxious, followed a few steps, found himself on the edge of the woods. He is looking left and right, "no need to go, here is the'palace people '!" Suddenly there was a gloomy voice behind him, as if he had just been fished up from the ice cellar. Looking back, it was Master Chen Xiuping.

    Chen Xingquan has not had time to look at the master, ears seem to hear someone crying, crying intermittently, faintly like a person, like a few people, vaguely heard the voice like a female voice. The master did not pay attention to these, continue on the road, Chen Xingquan had to bite the bullet to keep up, but the cry is more and more clear. Chen Xingquan felt a little nervous and dared to ask his master, "Is there anyone living around here? Who is crying?" The master did not respond. Chen Xingquan felt a little strange, because the master had always answered his questions, and had never been so cold as he was today. In a twinkling of an eye,38 needle valve, the master and his disciples arrived at the top of the hill. The top of the hill was bare, except for a cover made of a few broken wooden boards, which sealed the mouth of the well and was locked by a rusty iron lock.

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