After the Funeral _ Agatha Christie _ txt Fiction Paradise

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  • After the Funeral _ Agatha Christie _ txt Fiction Paradise

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    After the Funeral _ Agatha Christie _ txt Fiction Paradise

    "It all started with the bloody Labour government," said Timothy. Take the whole country to hell, and the current government is no better. Glib, wimpy socialists! Look where we are! No noble gardener, no servant.. Poor Moody had to make a mess in the kitchen.. (By the way, honey, I think the soft pudding should be good with the main course tonight. And how about starting with the clear soup? I have to keep up my strength.. Dr. Barton said.. Let's see, where was I? Oh yeah, Cora, a big shock, I can tell you, for a man, when he hears his sister.. His own sister.. When he was murdered! I had heart palpitations for twenty minutes! You have to help me with everything, an Hui Suo. There's no way I can attend the inquest or deal with any of Corna's estate. I want to forget about it. By the way, what happened to Cora's share of Richard's inheritance? Mine,stainless tile trim, I guess. Murmured Moody, as if to pack up his tea, and left the room. Timothy lay back in his chair and said: "It's much better without a woman present.". Now we can get down to business without any unnecessary interference. "Cora's share of the money deposited in the trust fund," Mr. Ahn said, "will be divided equally between you and your nieces and nieces." "But listen to me." Timothy's cheeks flushed with indignation. Of course I'm her closest relative, right? The only living brother. The terms of Richard Abernether's will are interpreted with considerable care by Mr. Ahoy. A gentle reminder to Timothy that he had sent him a copy. You don't expect me to know any of those stupid legal terms,tile trim manufacturers, do you? Said Timothy, not at all gratefully. You lawyers! To be honest, when Moody came back and told me the point, I couldn't believe it. I thought she must have misheard me. A woman's mind is never clear. Moody is the best woman in the world. But women don't know how to manage money after all. I don't even believe Moody knew that if Richard hadn't died, we might have had to move out of here. This is the truth! "Of course, if you ask Richard for help." Timothy gave a short, cold laugh like a dog barking. That's not my style. Our father left each of us a very reasonable share of money.. That is, if we don't want to take over the family business. I don't want to. I don't like the flour business, an Hui Suo! Richard was dissatisfied with my attitude. Okay, tax deductions, currency devaluations, stainless steel edge trim ,aluminum tile trim, one after another.. It's not easy to keep it going. I had to sell a lot of property for cash, the best workaround at the moment. At one point, I hinted to Richard that this place was a little hard to keep going. He expressed his attitude that we would be better off in a smaller place. Moody will be more relaxed, he said, and save a lot of labor.. Save labor, what words! Oh, no, I would never ask Richard for help. But I can tell you, Ann Hui, that this concern has a great impact on my health. A person in this state of health, as I am, cannot worry. Then Richard died, and of course I felt heartache.. He's my brother.. But I can't help but breathe a sigh of relief about the future. Yes, it's smooth sailing now. And a great relief. To repaint the house.. Find a good gardener or two.. You can still find it at a good price. To completely rebuild the rose garden. And I was just talking about that-- "Detail your future plans." Yes, yes. But I shouldn't bother you with this. What makes me feel hurt.. Seriously injured.. It's the terms of Richard's will. "Really?" Mr. An Huisuo had an inquiring expression on his face. They are not.. As you expected? "Yes, I will say so!"! When Mortimer died, I figured Richard would leave everything to me. "Ah.." Did he.. Ever said that to you? He never said that. It's not so obvious that Richard is a man of few words. But he asked here. Shortly after Mortimer's death. He wants to talk to me about everything at home.

    We talked about George.. And those girls and their husbands. Want to know what I think.. I don't have much to tell him. I was a sick man, I didn't move around, and Moody and I were almost isolated. If you ask me, those two girls' marriage choices are stupid. Well, I ask you, an Hui Suo, does his talking to me necessarily make me think that he is consulting with me, that I am the head of the family after his death, and that I naturally think that the control of the property should be in my hands. Of course Richard can trust me to treat the younger generation well. Besides, take good care of poor old Corna. Damn it, Ahoy, my name is Abernathy.. The last one was named Abednether. Full control should be in my hands. Timothy was so excited that he kicked off the blanket and sat up straight in the chair. There is no sign of illness. He seemed, as Ann thought, to be a very healthy man, though a little impulsive. The old lawyer knew very well that Timothy had been secretly jealous of his brother Richard. The two of them looked alike, and Timothy was dissatisfied with his brother's strong personality and tight grip on real power. As soon as Richard died, Timothy was eager to succeed him in controlling the fate of the rest of his family in his old age. Richard & # 183; Abednether did not give him that power. 。 Did he ever want to give it to him and then decide not to? A sudden meow from the garden made Timothy stand up from his chair. He rushed to the window and shouted, "Shut up!" Then he grabbed a big book and threw it at the cats. "Dead cat!" He growled and walked back to his place. " Destroyed the flower bed. I can't stand the damn noise. He sat down and asked: "Would you like a drink, Ann Huisuo?" No,aluminum tile edge trim, so early. Moody just gave me a nice cup of tea. Timothy said: A capable woman, Moody. But she does too many things. We even had to go to the trouble of fixing our old car-she's quite good at it, you know. "I heard her car broke down on the way back from the funeral." 。

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